50 Days Until 2014: Overview

In December, a reader asked me if I could please make an overview page of the 50 Days Until 2014 challenge. I didn’t have the time then, but I took the time now!

I know, I know…it’s a little late to the parade, but who cares. Maybe you want to keep your momentum going or start your year fresh, and now you can by finding an assignment you like in the list below.

So for anyone who lost track, stopped half way through, or just wants to scroll through some fun self help exercises: Here’s a list of links to every assignment I had for you during the 50 Days Until 2014 Challenge!

Also, I’m secretly stupid:  Turns out I can’t count to 50. There is no 25 for some reason and I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS HAPPENED HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.

Ok deep breaths. Go see for yourself.

  • 50 Days: Make a list of things you’d still like to do in the remaining part of the year.
  • 49 Days: Write down the lessons you learnt during the past year
  • 48 Days: Go offline (oh and stop it with the Dieter’s Mentality).
  • 47 Days: Do a double yoga class/extra exercise.
  • 46 Days: Spend time with the people that give you energy.
  • 45 Days: Clean out your closet.
  • 44 Days: Do the Life Area Assessment exercise.
  • 43 Days: (Plan to) do something you’ve never done before.
  • 42 Days: Write a letter to yourself.
  • 41 Days: Meditate and be mindful.
  • 40 Days: Do something WEIRD in terms of spirituality or self help. (DARE)
  • 39 Days: Write down what you LOVE about your life.
  • 38 Days: Do the Treasure Chest technique.
  • 37 Days: Do these 3 exercises to focus on your study or career.
  • 36 Days: Go vegan for a day.
  • 35 Days: Plan your perfect day.
  • 34 Days: Go out of your way to help the people you love.
  • 33 Days: Go productivity-CRAZY today!
  • 32 Days: Ask for something you want.
  • 31 Days: Get out of bed (tomorrow) as soon as your alarm goes off.
  • 30 Days: Do a Danielle LaPorte worksheet.
  • 29 Days: Do nothing.
  • 28 Days: Sit down and examine your current state of being.
  • 27 Days: Meditate on love.
  • 26 Days: Focus on the things that make you feel most like yourself.
  • 24 Days: Treat yourself.
  • 23 Days: Dedicate some time (or effort) to your significant other.
  • 22 Days: Channel your rolemodels.
  • 21 Days: Make an UGH-list and start crossing off items.
  • 20 Days: Do the Law of attraction exercise for something you want.
  • 19 Days: Start making 2014 better..NOW.
  • 18 Days: Work/study with love today.
  • 17 Days: Do the Brian Tracy inspired Goal Achievement exercise.
  • 16 Days: Take some time to plan the upcoming week.
  • 15 Days: Freewrite for a while.
  • 14 Days: Make a vision board!
  • 13 Days: Write a list of things you want to do in 2014 (for yourself and for others)
  • 12 Days: Do an exercise directing your subconscious.
  • 11 Days: Declutter.
  • 10 Days: Do nothing, yes again.
  • 9 Days: Read Habits!
  • 8 Days: Forgive yourself.
  • 7 Days/6 Days/5 Days: Christmas.
  • 4 Days: Write the ideal 2014 story!
  • 3 Days: Write ‘Thank You’ notes.
  • 2 Days: Do something your Future Self will thank you for!
  • 1 Day: Make (a few) Jessica Mullen worksheets.
  • 0 Days! STUFF your day with all things good for you.
  • 50 Days Until 2014 Recap.


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  1. It was a briljant 50 days of challenges and although I didn’t do all of them, all of them did make me think about the subjects you talked about. Thank you for that gift, I loved reading (and doing) the series.

  2. It already seemed strange to me that you ended at ‘zero days’, but I thought it was a calculation mistake you made when starting these series (or just weird counting). But nope, didn’t see it!
    I didn’t participate a lot but I loved to read it every single time, so thank you for writing! I’ll keep those things in mind, on way or another.

    (Btw, I got ‘Eat that frog’ for Christmas (yes because you always talk about it) and I love it!)

  3. oeh dit is handig! 🙂

    heb je een nieuwe layout? De zijbalk aan de rechterkant laadt niet helemaal goed bij mij (google chrome), er valt een stuk weg aan de rechterkant (ik zie nu reclame voor bol.c zegmaar). Misschien ligt het ook aan deze browser?

  4. Thanks, I’m totally saving this! I wanted the do the challenge later on and I thought I had to look into your archives everyday so this is a big help! 🙂

  5. Aw, I knew it! but I didn’t say so because I thought I was crazy ^^;
    Turns out I was right,


    Ps: Can I be curious and ask when we’re gonna hear more about that surprise?

  6. Ik vind dit leuk EN ik vind het hi-la-risch van dag 25. Ik heb niet echt meegedaan maar maak nu stevig gebruik van een aantal artikelen 🙂 x

  7. I cried when I read the “forgive yourself” one.
    I wish I was in that place already, where I could forgive myself,
    And move forward. I don’t think I can. Not yet atleast.
    But once I’m ready, I’ll know what to do.
    So, thanks in advance. It will help me in the future 🙂

    1. I definitely think there is merit in waiting until you’re in the right place to forgive yourself. I was ready, but I am sure this exercise is less effective when you’re not. So do what you can and once you’re ready: You do know what to do. 🙂 Kisses.