40 Days Until 2013: 11/50


If you’re not into the weird self help shit that I do that has to do with energy and intuition and all that jazz, this is not the blog you’re looking for. 

Because I got the energetic healing I mentioned in my list of Things to Do in 2013. And I’m going to tell you about it after the jump.  

Not your thing? Well, sorry. Better luck tomorrow!

For now, go outside. Talk to normal people. Maybe go read the article about Charles Manson (which I discovered thanks to Sjuu). Watch this excellent rendition of Fanfiction Comes To Life by Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler. Play the Doctor Who game on Google (SO CUTE) today.

You think you can handle it? Click on.

Surprisingly, there is a looooooong ass list of spiritual things I’m not into.

For example, I am not down with horoscopes, especially not the daily-horoscope ones you find in magazines. I don’t get crystals and their power. I have friends who update their Facebook status telling me they have recharged their crystals in the full moon and I jusT CANNOT.

I also don’t believe in ghosts*, seances and aliens.

And if I see that Mercury Retrograde article one more goddamn time I am going to steal the Shrink-Ray from Despicable Me (plus a couple of minions) and get that fucking planet out of the solar system so we never have to deal with it again.

Yes, I know. This makes me a hypocrite. I’m fully aware. Because I do believe in other things, quite enthusiastically.

Luckily, we can all choose for ourselves what to believe. Religion, spirituality, being an agnostic, being an atheist. You can combine and cherry pick whatever resonates with you.

And I do believe things resonate with us for a reason. Apparently we need that in our lives.

I also that whatever WE think is real, becomes real for us. However debatable the actual existence, however scientifically unproven something might be, it becomes a part of our belief system and therefore our reality. It becomes real in our mind, in our life and in our experiences.

One thing that became real for me, not so much by choice but through a range of experiences, is energy.

I never consciously sought this energy-thing out. It just happened. A friend of mine had an amazing experience with this woman who gave Reiki, and she recommended her to me. After my experiences with her, actually feeling things happen within me, I had to conclude energy was a real thing for me.

After my first experiences with her, everything was set in motion. I went back to her a couple of times, I got a reiki-session from a friend and then eventually did my own Reiki 1 Course. You can read more about my reiki here -right after- and here  -2 weeks after. I can now give reiki, both to myself and loved ones.

This whole aware-of-energy-thing is great. Not always: It made me more sensitive to both external and internal factors, which can be (really) inconvenient, but it is also a huge help in life.

I pay attention to my own energy and the energy around me.Things and people have a certain feel to me now, stronger than before. Reiki and being in tune with energy completely changed the way I look at things, activities and people.

And this fine morning, I went to see Ann for a reiki-treatment in combination with an Indian scalp-massage. Basically what the treatment entails is that she gives you energy where you need it and she helps things re-align or balance itself. It is very relaxing. The Indian scalp-massage feels so wonderful too.

My session today was really nice, and afterwards she told me to take it easy today. After running around non-stop and being flu-ey that’s just what I wanted to do: I spent the afternoon on the couch with a cup of tea and Louis C.K. shows.

502014 1150

Now, maybe EVERYTHING I’ve said up until this point is a bunch of nonsense to you. That’s okay.

But if you dare, the assignment of today is just to open your mind a little. Try out/plan to try out a selfhelp technique or a spiritual undertaking that you wouldn’t normally do.

Choose something that sort of makes you go “huh” but that you ARE curious about what it would be like. See if you can do it — or have it done to you!

It can range from picking one of the self help books that I write about that normally makes you roll your eyes to trying EFT in front of the mirror to meditating. From dream journaling to booking an appointment for a chakra healing to visualization.

Whatever the self help/spiritual thing is that you might be sceptic about but that you still find sort of interesting, maybe try and do that. If you DARE.

So, yeah. Go forth and do weird self help stuff. Have a great weekend, guys. See you soon.

*I did once see this white silhouette in the corner of our room once around 3 AM in the morning. I freaked out but I was so tired that I just told it to fuck off. Never saw it again. When discussing this with a couple of friends later, one of them told me that IF you have the feeling there are spirits around you or whatever, telling them to ‘go away’ is actually a great strategy. So basically, they only haunt your ass if you let them. That’s quite considerate for dead people. 

**But not if you’re going to be a little shit about it everytime you encounter someone who doesn’t believe what you do. In that case I’m gonna need for you to go sit in a corner and re-evaluate the importance of your opinion (hint: not as important as you think it is, asswipe).


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  1. Ha, good to know GalaDarling’s Mercury Retrograde-article is bothering you as well! It doesn’t bother me that much that she re-uses it, but… It just annoys me it comes around so often. Does that make sense? I’ll have to avoid her blog the next time Mercury Retrograde rolls around, just to preserve my peace of mind.

    1. I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT ARTICLE (mainly because I’m not into it, maybe I wouldn’t mind if I believed in it). But it comes around way too often in my opinion. I’m all for recycling but not once every two months and not with the exact same article 4+ times a year.

  2. ‘Weird self help shit.’

    Maarrehmm ik heb dus een keer een zweefcursus gedaan met m’n moeder. We noemden het zweefcursus maar het was eigenlijk een paranormale nog-iets-cursus waarbij je aura’s ging lezen en mediteren en aardstralen zoeken en zo. Best interessant, maar ook heel veel ‘uhuh ja wat jij wil’-momenten. Maar die waren ook best interessant. Ik denk er nog regelmatig aan terug.

    Ik ben dus heus niet zo nuchter en sceptisch als ik misschien lijk. Maar, over die ‘weird self help’/spiritual shit: heb je nog tips of aanraders?

    1. Joh! Dat had ik niet achter je gezocht! Ik raad zelf voornamelijk reiki aan omdat ik daar zelf zoveel aan gehad heb, maar tegenwoordig vind ik zelf chakra’s ook echt rete-interessant.

      1. Nou ja ik ging er ook zo open minded-mogelijk heen, maar soms kon ik het echt niet handelen hoor. Maar andere dingen juist weer wel. Zelfs als ik het zelf niet geloofde, vond ik het alsnog interessant om te zien wat het voor een ander doet.

        1. Dat heb ik ook wel met spirituele dingen gelukkig: Dat ik er zelf niet in geloof betekent niet dat ik het voor een ander ontken!

  3. Ik moest heel hard grinniken om je ‘ghost’-ervaring, maar het schijnt inderdaad te kloppen ja.

    Ik vind reiki dus heul interessant, en weet nu eigenlijk even niet waarom ik dat nog nooit uitgeprobeerd heb. Misschien is het wel iets voor mij, maar toch is er ergens nog een drempel waar ik niet helemaal mijn vinger op kan leggen.

    Deze opdracht is leuk. Vroeger was ik veel meer mee bezig met spiritualiteit, en nu ik dit zo gelezen heb begrijp ik niet wanneer en waarom dat opgehouden is.

    1. Reiki is heel interessant, maar misschien ben je er nog niet helemaal klaar voor ofzo? Komt als het komt, toch. 🙂 Ben benieuwd wat voor spiri-spiri dingetjes je dan vroeger deed!

  4. Wat een fijn stukje! Ik ben zelf steeds meer spiritualiteit in mezelf aan het ontdekken. Reiki is een van de dingen die ik heel graag wil gaan ondervinden. Momenteel ben ik bezig in het boek May Cause Miracles van Gabrielle Bernstein, daar ben ik gelijk mee begonnen na het uitlezen van Spirit Junkie.

    1. Nice! Ik zou zeker eens een reiki-behandeling doen bij je in de buurt dan. Ik ben zelf niet door May Cause Miracles heengekomen nog omdat ik Gabby’s boeken niet meteen achter elkaar kan lezen, dan vind ik het teveel van hetzelfde. Ben benieuwd of je er wat aan hebt!