38 Days Until 2014: 13/50.

So I was thinking what would be a perfect exercise for an easy Sunday morning, and I instantly knew THIS was it. It’s one of those fun no-harm-no-foul type things that’s perfect when it’s rainy outside and (hopefully) warm and cosy inside. Take a look.

I’ve done this exercise before. When I was like, hardcore positive and into the Law of Attraction stuff. I’m still positive, but not as hardcore about either positivity or Law of Attraction stuff anymore, but I still love this LoA Trick.

…Did I get everything I want? LOL, nope. If I had I would have made a bigger deal about it for sure.

But I got enough. Moreover, I was triggered to spent some more attention on the things I hadn’t gotten yet so that they did become mine. And as I’ve mentioned before…So what I didn’t get everything? So what (gasp) it isn’t an exact science? I had fun making a list of things I wanted, it focused my focus on what I still wanted in life and when I re-read the list I had a nice moment of contemplation and gratitude.

So what’s this exercise I speak of? THE TREASURE CHEST TECHNIQUE!

502014 1350


What you need:

  • Either a shoe box, a little chest or just a big envelope to put everything in.
  • Note sheets, little envelopes to put these lists in in optional.
  • A pen. You know, for writing.

What you’re going to do:

  • Write down what you want to do/have/achieve/be/feel within six months or a year. For example, maybe you want to travel to South-America next summer. Maybe you want to finally get your Master’s Degree. Maybe you want to be fitter. Or maybe you want to experience a great sense of freedom. You can make one giant list of things you want or you can divide it into different subjects and write down statements.
  • I personally work with separate lists for different life categories, and I don’t work with the “I’m so happy I now have …”-format. I haven’t done that in a very long time, because for me, the construction of that sentence actually points out not having something. This is different for everyone, so do whatever feels right to you. I just write down the items, activities or states like grocery lists.
  • Re-read them. Relish in the feeling of excitement of potentially getting these things.
  • Now put them in the envelope/shoe box/treasure chest and put it away. As from the earlier article: “[And] now, you just go live your life. By putting it away, you send off a signal that you trust the Universe to take care of it. You don’t set a deadline or any other limit, you don’t obsess. You just let it go (and therefore hopefully let it happen.)”
  • Go do something fun. Yes, it’s a required part of the exercise.

Items on my lists include: A new job (Work), having a positive connection with readers, coworkers and strangers (Relationships), great energy and focus (Health) and finally, Eau de Sisley 2 eau de toilette* and a Boy London Sweatshirt (Clothes and Beauty Stuff).

Tell me some of the things you’d like to have in your life within a year or so in the comments below, I’d love to read what you want! On top of that, have a lovely Sunday. I’m going to continue writing with some orange juice and coffee nearby. Bye, babies.

(If you have a little trouble with unrealistic manifesting-requests you might want to write down in your lists, click (the surprisingly short) article I’ve written on that here.)

 *It’s a very…weird perfume that I’ve been obsessed with for over a year. I should go buy it but the approximate times of me being in a drugstore/perfumery (for myself) have been zero this year.   

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  1. Heb aan het eind van 2012 een lijst gemaakt voor 2013. Kan niet wachten om aan het eind van het jaar de envelop open te maken en te zien wat er met mijn ‘wensen’ is gebeurd! (ik weet nauwelijks meer wat erop stond, haha). Voor 2014 ga ik hetzelfde doen, dus ik schuif de opdracht nog even voor me uit.

    Komt er eind dit jaar ook weer een nieuwe Treasure Chest Recap van jouw hand? Boeiend om te horen dat je wat minder ‘hardcore’ into the LoA bent, dat merk je voor mijn gevoel ook in je artikelen. Dank je voor de oefening!

    1. Die recap komt er wel denk ik, met een uitleg over hoe ik nu naar de LoA kijk misschien wel! Fijn dat je er wat aan had!

    1. Dat is een heel goed idee, maar gezien mijn huidige agenda denk ik dat ik dat bewaar voor het einde van het jaar: Dan kunnen degenen die het niet hebben bijgehouden het juist gebruiken als een Start 2014 Great challenge. Tot die tijd moet je het even doen met scrollen en zoeken!

  2. i made a lovely new list and took the old one out of the drawer. i hadn’t looked at that in some time, and while i didn’t get everything, at all, a fair few things have either improved or i’ve gotten them. plenty. so that’s great, and i wasn’t expecting that ’cause i’d been feeling like my life has been standing still a little bit. it clearly hasn’t. it also made me realise i don’t want the same things now as when i wrote that previous letter, which i thought was interesting. so yay for new lists and new beginnings!

  3. Ha, dit ga ik doen.

    In een jaar tijd wil ik graag:
    – Verhuizen, en een echt thuis creëren. (En daar dan vrienden kunnen uitnodigen.)
    – Afvallen.
    – Een soort inner-peace terug krijgen.

    En nog een hele hoop meer. Maar die ga ik nog bedenken. Mooie opdracht!