35 Days Until 2014: 16/50.

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 (Alpaca scarfs are the best, you guys.) 

Well, hello there! Coming to you LIVE (sorta) from my living room couch. I’m fueled by sushi and sparkly water, finally writing this blog post and ready to go write some more tonight.

Today’s assignment is actually not an assignment for today, but it is one that is required to do the day before you actually carry it out. It’s one of my favorite creative planning methods. It’s a little silly but it can be very powerful if you’re feeling it.

Let’s see if you’re feeling it.

1650 2014

I first tried this out when I was in bed one night, bored and unable to sleep.

I started thinking about the next day. Just regular thoughts like ‘what time do I have that meeting’, ‘what am I going to have for breakfast’* and ‘do I have everything I need to take with me’. I thought about my schedule, about the work-out I wanted to do, all of that.

And then I thought…I’m here thinking all of this and planning out my day anyway…How about making it more fun?

So I got out my phone, opened my Notes and just started typing a little story about how I would like the next day to turn out.

I think it went something like “I get up out of bed at 6:30 to shower and get dressed up in one of my favorite dresses. I make a great green smoothie for breakfast and go to work. At work everything runs smoothly: I am upbeat, energetic and get everything done quickly and well. I connect well with my coworkers and students and basically just have a great day. After work, I go to yoga and do a lovely yoga class with coconut water after. When I come home I make a nice healthy dinner and get some work or writing done while Manfriend and I watch Doctor Who.” 

When I woke up the next morning, this whole little script was still in my head. So instead of snoozing next to Manfriend (who is way too warm and hilariously grumpy in the morning), I actually got up straight away and ticked off most, if not all, the items in the little game plan I wrote! I had a pretty good day.

I’ve done it a few times after. I’m not always in the mood** to write an entire cutesy story about how the next day is going to go if it were perfect, but I do like this different way of planning the next day.

It’s more creative, more open for interpretation: You can embellish or elaborate as much as you like. Because it’s less straightforward and stiff than just writing down an hour-by-hour plan, it can evoke a stronger positive response in you. This may actually entice you to make more of an effort to make this day happen how you wrote it!

So that’s your assignment for tonight, should you want to join me: Write what you want to do tomorrow and how you do it as if you’re writing a little story about yourself living that day.  It helps if you really make it positive and lively for yourself, picturing yourself doing those things tomorrow in the best way you know how.

My story for tomorrow is the following. Ahem:

“My alarm goes off AT FIVE FUCKING THIRTY AM because I am going to the early yoga class. Finally, because I’ve been meaning to go but first sickness and then writing got in the way. So today, instead of letting Manfriend seduce me into snooze-mode with him, I get up, drink two glasses of water and go out the door. I take the yoga class and when I’m all gross and sweaty but awake, I shower there to get ready for the day. Fuck, I might even blowdry my hair.

I go back home (maybe have a latte on the way back), have grapefruit juice and a soy yogurt smoothie for breakfast. I continue writing for the blog and the finishing touches on the e-book for a couple of hours. NO YOUTUBE. I keep getting lost on Youtube lately.

Around 12 I’ll stop, have a salad for lunch, pack up some of my stuff and go over to my brother’s house. Hilariously, as I am about as skilled around the house as a one-legged horse is on the racetrack, I am helping my sister-in-law paint the bedrooms of their new place. But I want to be a good human being and sister, so I’m doing it anyway.

After helping out all afternoon, I cook a great meal for them, my parents and Manfriend who have all been working hard and need some family fun and calories. We’ll hang out, maybe play a board game or watch television, and then Manfriend and I go back home. Manfriend drives. At home we’ll have a cup of tea and after we fall asleep easily.”

For today, I’m asking you to do it with me. Plan your Perfect Thursday by writing a little story about yourself living that day in an awesome way.

You can share it with me here in the comments, but you don’t have to: You can also just write it down in your notebook, type something in the notes on your iPad or phone, type away in a Word document or doodle it on a napkin nearby.

Chances are when you wake up tomorrow morning, this story will still be fresh in your mind. If not, you can always re-read it as you get ready for the day. Who knows, it might give your day the extra focus or positivity you would like to see in more of your days. Give it a go, and let me go how it goes.


*Or lunch. Or dinner. Or the snacks in between. These are matters of the heart, people. 

**Or capable for that matter, momma tends to be good for nothing after 10 PM.

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  1. Hey, I didn’t got a notice from bloglovin for this post!

    Seems like a lovely plan! I’m going to rock my test drawings in class tomorrow.
    I’m going to withstand the horrible fish smell and go home smoothly.
    In the evening I’ll have a wonderful horse back riding lesson to which I’ll drive flawlessly
    forth and back.

  2. this is such an awesome idea. i can’t believe i’ve never heard of this or thought of it before. so creative and would be really affective!

    can’t wait to try it out next week! (cause i mean, thanksgiving is no time for planning, right?)


  3. Nice plan! I start with a warm oatmeal breakfast with green tea. I’ll have a very productive day at work, and will be enjoying my morning cappuccino. Afterwards I will enjoy the hot autumn soup the boyfriend has made and we will talk about our days. I’ll end the day with some active sports, a hot shower afterwards and a bowl of soya yoghurt with blueberries and homemade granola, while cuddling our cat! Enjoy your thursday!

  4. Dear Lianne, I rarely comment on your blogpost, but I read them always and this time I really had to comment, because I’ve been following your “50 days to 2014”-posts and I absolutely love them. They’re wonderfully inspiring and above all extremely witty. Chapeau. Even though I’ve had quite a good year so far (despite the obvious ups and downs and some important changes that really forced me to reevaluate myself and my priorities in life), your posts have inspired me to even get more out of it. So thank you for that, and I hope that your intent to end the year on a more positive note pays off.

    As for today’s (or rather, tomorrow’s) assignment: I will start my day at 8 with 10 minutes of meditation to ease myself in the day. After that I’ll do 30 minutes of yoga and have some delicious warm oatmeal so that I will feel nourished and energized. During the rest of the day I will participate in a conference and I will feel inspired and challenged to rethink my own research. I’ll have dinner with a colleague (probably Maoz falafel, hooray) and end this long & full but thought-provoking day listening to a lecture. When I get home at 20:30 I will quickly revisit my own presentation for Friday for a final check, and then I will take a hot bath to unwind from all the thinking. All relaxed and warm, I will put on my PJ’s, get into bed and probably watch Six Feet Under or another tv-show.

    (LOL I don’t know why I write this in English. It just happend, I guess.)

    1. Hi Britt, I’m so glad you like my blog-posts! Very happy to hear you like them! Hope your day was great and that the rest of the year is going to be good to you as well!