30 Day Trial: Facepalming but persevering!

Captain Picard frowns and facepalms upon my shenanigans.

So yeah. After I went back to Bikram yoga class, things went downhill pretty fast for the at home routine. Classic scenario: After a week of flapping around on my yoga mat at home, I run into the studio and desert my daily at home practice because I prefer the heat, the class and the routine. This was no exception except for the fact that I was finally getting the hang of it!

Something magical happened on day 5: I got into it. I was calm, I focused on my breath and being in the now, I just let time pass and I did my thing without fidgeting. I managed to do that until day 8, and then I had two three four (oh God, how embarrassing!) busy days, daily Bikram classes. I ended up not doing any yoga at home. Bad, bad Self Help Hipster. 

Not going to lie, spending 90 minutes a day doing a type of yoga that included sweating your ass off and having no ability to slack because your favorite teachers are watching? Kind of takes the pressure off having to do yoga at home. It’s a helpful addition to yoga practice, but I feel less inclined. A lot less. I now have an inner voice that goes “Bitch, you’ve just spent an hour and a half doing yoga. Screw that hour at home, you deserve some rest. Go sit on your ass, eat a brownie and watch House. M.D.” Which, in some aspect, after 90 minutes, I feel I am completely entitled to do.

But, no, I should not sit on my ass! I committed to filling 30 days with at home yoga, and no matter how much classes I do, those classes cannot be an excuse for me to not do it anymore. I want to do what I say I should do. I should practice yoga at home also.

Today, on day 13 of the 30 Day Trial , I am going continue with my yoga practice at home by making it half an hour before I go to bed. To complement my yoga practice in the studio, I am going to be spend more time on sun salutations, (careful!) backbends and I’m adding a few other non-Bikram poses to the mix (including the Cat Vomit Exercise, a yoga exercise I learnt from Julia Hastings and Tim Ferris).

Now, whereas I usually had the idea of having to do it in the morning to cross it off my list, I am going to do this before bed. It’s easier to add something to an existing ritual than to do it randomly during the day. I usually go to yoga class in the morning, so this would be better schedule wise: I’m going to do it before brushing my teeth.

Which is why if I do as I say I do for seven days, I get to buy myself some Chanel make-up. I love those gorgeous, sleek black products, how they smell and how pretty they look. I haven’t bought any expensive, luxurious make-up for myself in more than two years (how sad!). If I succeed here this would be an excellent time to splurge and spoil myself.

I already can’t wait. A girl can never go wrong with Yoga&Chanel, right?

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  1. Halfway through this post I was going to suggest to a) either do at home yoga on non-bikram yoga days or b) let go of the notion it has to be a full hour! But being the self-help hipster, of course I don’t have to go there ;).

    By the by, you *could* also break it down by doing 10 minutes throughout the day (on ays you work from home that is). I only have a very loose structure in my yoga practice but by doing so I do yoga every single day. I prefer to do it in the morning, after hydrating (lemon water FTW…) and reading some inspirational material. I only do about 15 minutes, I guess, before I sit down to meditate a little. But, then throughout the day I sometimes get up, slip into my Lulus and crank out a few poses (my mat is in a contant state of readiness in the middle of my living room, it helps lol). Then usually also right before bed I do some light yoga and in bed I’ll do some more meditation (I do different forms of meditation throughout the day, all in short increments. I found what works for me, which is NOT sitting my ass down for 30 minutes…). This way I get quite some yoga in even on days where I am busy and do a workout.

    Sorry for this long rant. Just figured swapping yoga methods would be cool


    Ps will you be writing for hero… still?

    1. Thanks for the input, VG, the half hour cat vomit&sun salutations&etcetera is currently going quite well! I don’t know what’s goingto happen, I thought I was but as you can see, I’m pretty much only here. 😉