• The Self Help Hipster says:

      there blackjack 21 game

      Haha you’re so cute he’ll probably love you forever&ever anyway. But hey, he really should appreciate your little Stephord-Wife-ism, right?! 😉

  1. Eva says:

    What a coincidence! I started doing this about 2 weeks ago, together with M. I hate coming downstairs and seeing what a mess I made of the kitchen the night before, the tea cups still on the table. I got M on board with me, not that he had such a problem with it since he goes from bed straight out the door without even going through the kitchen, but still. It’s nice to do it. It’s nice to not be a lazy sloth for once. It’s nice to come into the living room and the kitchen in the morning and be welcomed by clean and empty surfaces. It’s inviting, having a clean slate to work with.

    I slip up every now and then though. And I make exceptions. Like when I have a party, although that’s not really an exception, since I do still clean the kitchen before going to bed, I just go to bed one day late 😉

    • The Self Help Hipster says:

      “It’s inviting, having a clean slate to work with.” – EXACTLY. It’s starting the day anew all nice and without any reminders of the things you did (or the chocolate you ate, am I right) the day before.

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