30 Day Trial: Desperate Housewife Edition

30 day trials (explained here) are ways to try on new behaviors or techniques and see if it fits. It can range from drinking herbal tea instead of coffee, getting up at 6 every morning, writing 1000 word per day to having a healthy dinner every night or doing 5 minutes of meditation before you go to sleep. The possibilities for 30 day trials are endless and it’s just so easy. Like it? You keep it. Don’t like it? You lose it!

So far my only real attempt at a 30-day trial has been the DIY-Yoga Routine. In theory had a lot of potential but hey, so did the Titanic and look how that turned out. In this reality it resulted in me hating myself and my yoga mat in the living room for 30 minutes a day. I ran right back into the yoga studio as soon as I could. It was very enlightening in terms of priorities but it didn’t result in me sticking with a habit.

But 30 day trials are still on my ‘Come on, do more of it, you lazy bitch’ list so I figured I’d do a new 30-day trial. A few nights back it came to me over breakfast.

See, I love my kitchen. It’s awesome. There is food in it, and the means to make that food. What I do not love is coming downstairs in the morning and entering some sort of Kitchen Warzone meets Biology Experiment because I thought to myself ‘oh, I’ll do it tomorrow’. Because that way the first thing I think in the morning is ‘Fuck, I still have to clean this mess’ and the first thing I have to do in the morning is dishes. That does not make me happy.

What does make me happy is entering a clean and neat kitchen. I may not be the neatest person in the world, but I do appreciate a clean and orderly environment. Especially around food.

Which is why my 30 day trial is to leave the kitchen clean, every night before I go to bed. Do the dishes, put everything away, clean the stove or the oven so that I can wake up and enjoy my kitchen immediately.

I’ve already started (am at day 3) and so far I really like it. It is very rewarding labor and because if you do it straight away, it’s just done and you don’t have to think about it again. Plus, I am definitely less grossed out by old food, stickiness and things I’m scared of to identify as mold. All in all, I’m pretty stoked to keep it up.

I’ve promised myself an ASOS order if I can do it for 30 days (what can I say, I work better when I’m rewarded). I’ll keep you posted. From a clean kitchen, hopefully.

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  1. Nice! I’ll join you on this 30-day trial! My boyfriend will probably think: dafuq is wrong with her? But he will love me forever and ever if the kitchen is clean, EVERY night.

    1. Haha you’re so cute he’ll probably love you forever&ever anyway. But hey, he really should appreciate your little Stephord-Wife-ism, right?! 😉

  2. What a coincidence! I started doing this about 2 weeks ago, together with M. I hate coming downstairs and seeing what a mess I made of the kitchen the night before, the tea cups still on the table. I got M on board with me, not that he had such a problem with it since he goes from bed straight out the door without even going through the kitchen, but still. It’s nice to do it. It’s nice to not be a lazy sloth for once. It’s nice to come into the living room and the kitchen in the morning and be welcomed by clean and empty surfaces. It’s inviting, having a clean slate to work with.

    I slip up every now and then though. And I make exceptions. Like when I have a party, although that’s not really an exception, since I do still clean the kitchen before going to bed, I just go to bed one day late 😉

    1. “It’s inviting, having a clean slate to work with.” – EXACTLY. It’s starting the day anew all nice and without any reminders of the things you did (or the chocolate you ate, am I right) the day before.