30 Day Trial #1: Final Post.

Well…after my last post a long period of trying, trying it again, and trying it differently ensued. The highlight was bribing myself with Chanel; which worked, but would probably work on anyone. Great trick for girls in need of discipline. Just promise yourself Chanel. Seriously.

But after all that trying, and then some, it’s -once again- time for me to conclude that at home yoga is just not for me. Maybe never, maybe some day, but right now it really isn’t. I am only sitting stretching out my required time. It’s kind of a part of my day that I’d rather skip. I don’t notice any amazing benefits. I’d written about this sooner but to be honest there was so much boredom (if not dread on worse days) about just getting onto that mat in the living room most days, I couldn’t really muster up any interest  to start writing about it too. Let’s take a look at the final scores, shall we?

It’s not that it was truly terrible, it has just been really ‘meh‘. I don’t want to waste any more of my time with ‘meh‘. ‘Meh’ does not make me happy. See, I kind of thought that I’d feel super-epic, limber and energetic if I added this half an hour. That has been kind of a let down. Which tends to happen if you have insanely high expectations,  but that’s a point for another time. Points for today would be:

For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking classes between 4-6 times a week and I know exactly why this works for me. The benefits are instant, and amazing. I’ve experienced such a surge in energy that I am so much more productive and active during the day. I sleep easier. I crave healthy foods. I have a kick ass immune system and a great mood most days. Because of this I am more convinced of something that I have always intuitively felt: at home practice pales in comparison to what Bikram yoga classes do for me. Let me make it clear that I only say this because it’s true for me, not for anyone else.

But whereas I half-assedly flop around on my yoga mat at home, and feel next to nothing, I have a serious but enjoyable yoga practice in the studio where I can feel the work I’m doing in terms of physical, mental and spiritual health. Not only is it beneficial, it is fascinating. I feel limitless when I practice Bikram Yoga.

So this month has once again opened my eyes to how important Bikram Yoga is for my well-being. I am making it a top priority to be able to practice in terms of willingness, time and finances. I’ve saved up money for my next Unlimited Card and I’ve started going to the 06:30 AM yoga class before work (which is insanely good for me, I’ve found). Which is why I’m thankful for trying this Trial.

I do love a good Standing Bow but the meditation was great. It’s amazing how great five minutes of silence can make you feel, and how clear certain things become if you just let your thoughts come and go. I’d be interested in trying more meditation, and I think that is going to be a next thirty day trial.

So to sum up, although not as riveting a tale as I hoped it would be, I’m thankful for this trial, it has nudged me into all the right directions. And knowing where you want to go next is always wonderful.

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  1. Good job turning it around. I believe you could never aim too high or expect too much, because that is why you start something in the first place. Plus, it’s inspiring to read what this has brought you after all!

    Aside from that, I’m more and more bummed that there is no Bikram yoga studio anywhere near where I live. 🙁

    1. Thanks, it’s true that it’s good to have high expectations (or at least hope for the best), but having no expectations/attachment often leads to great things as well. The Buddhists don’t say it for nothing. 😉 That sucks, but hang in there, they’re popping up all over lately, one might show up near you soon!