30 Day Challenge Update: Exercising Every Day

Upward Dog. Check in within now and three months to see a prettier curve to that backbend though. This has looked better.

Hi! This article was supposed to happen somewhere over the weekend but first I couldn’t access my website because of security issues* and then I spent my weekend doing other things.

However! In our podcast, in our monthly 30-Day Challenge bit, Andrew and I do, I shared my 30-day challenge this month, which is to exercise every single day.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Update and stuff after the jump.

*I need someone who can help me figure this shit out. If you know website security and antihacking-shit, holla at ya girl. I lost 75% of my regular Google traffic for a month and my cool for an afternoon because of this bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

RULES In the podcast I explained that I feel best when I exercise, and I wanted to try being active every day to see if I’d like it. And that’s basically the main rule of this challenge: I have to be work out every day. That’s it. Does not matter how, how long, what time, whatever. As long as I move.

Bikram Yoga classes and running are preferred, because yoga is everything and running is fun, but if I’m pressed for time I dive onto my yoga mat for sun salutations, Asthanga poses or a Bad Yogi video. Erin has 10-15 minute videos that even the biggest yoga-at-home-noob with attentional deficits can do without getting distracted or injured.

I had to trace back all the things I’d been doing for this blog post by making a little list in my Bullet Journal, and here’s the overview:

I’m currently at day 20! Mostly yoga classes, runs in between. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of Asthanga postures and today the Girls Love 2 Run Rotterdam Pizza Run’s on the menu.

As you can see I did skip one day: After a long day at work I realized I’d lost my wallet and spend an hour running around on campus trying to find it. After that I was so stressed and bummed I went home and went straight to bed. Luckily it was found the very next morning and my Faith in Humanity is now +1000 as even my spare change was still in there. I’m a lucky bastard.

So, 19 workouts in 20 days. The yoga is my favorite, but it takes SO much time. The great thing about the runs and the videos is that compared to the yoga classes they take very little time – I can do a mini yoga session on my mat in 15-20 minutes and I can be home from a run within 45 minutes. This makes it very easy to commit to mentally. Allowing myself to be flexible in how I exercise makes this challenge plenty easy to keep up.

EFFECTS I don’t know? I think I look good? But I think I look good most of the time*. The only time I really have any body issues is when I have to wear shorts in public.

But I feel good? I guess?

The most prominently present benefit is that I wake up early and easy. Even if I’ve gone to bed late and even though it’s already pretty dark again at 6 in the morning, I only need 10 minutes of waking up before I’m ready to go. I like that, because I like getting my day started not feeling like a zombie.

All in all, practical enough to keep up and enjoyable enough to keep doing it too. Running around in parks or flopping around on a yoga mat: Happy times.

30 Day Challenge will be further discussed in the podcast, and final report I hit the actual 30 days with 30 work outs on the blog.

Later dudes.

*Did that comment make you uncomfortable?

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  1. Zo’n leuke challlenge lijkt me dit! En je bent echt al heel goed bezig 🙂 Ik merk zoveel verschil als ik wel of niet sport. Ik heb dat meteen veel meer energie en ik voel me altijd (nog) beter over mijn eigen lichaam. Daarom vind ik het ook helemaal niet moeilijk om 3-5 keer per week te gaan, want ik weet dat het heel erg goed voor me is.