3 Days Until 2014: 47/50

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Just casually lounging around I’m not a model I swear

Hi guys!

Yay, Saturday and all that jazz. I for one have a very fun weekend ahead of me: If you’ve been reading here for a while you know I have three cousins that I absolutely worship. Since I live in Rotterdam (and they don’t) we have started a sleep-over cycle.

The oldest is 13 and he’s been here for a sleep-over during the summer, my princess was here a couple of months back and now the youngest is coming over for a slumber party.

He’s a very sweet, active kid, loves games and has more energy than a Duracell bunny convention. Therefore I’m on full entertainment mode for the upcoming 24 hours and I expect to be FLOORED by the end of the weekend. I’m so excited.

But first things first, the assignment for today.

Chances are that during the year that is about to end you’ve met a lot of people that touched you in some way (figuratively, but if literally good for you). Whether strangers or close friends, people that have had impact on your life in some way.

People that changed something for you, whether in your life or just within you as a person. A teacher who didn’t give up on you when you struggled with a subject, a stranger who took care of you when you were lost, a friend who was there when you didn’t expect him to be.

I’ve met a few people like that this year. There was a woman who saved me from being horribly lost and late for an appointment. A student who changed who I am without knowing it. A yoga teacher who makes me feel like the yoga girl I want to be. An ambitious friend who inspires me. Coffee with a spiritual semi-stranger I connected with.



I want you to think of these people and write down a ‘thank you’ with motivation. I want you to really think about your gratitude and articulate why these people made such a mark on you and your life. Connect with what they did and what that meant for you.

You don’t have to share it with them this time: Stuff like this can be very personal and out of your comfort zone to share with the relative strangers. So no sharing if you don’t want to.

I mean, you can, but I am not going to fucking track down all these people just to tell them they profoundly changed me or made my life better. I think that shit is embarrassing enough to admit to close family and friends, plus ain’t nobody got time for that.

Well, at least I ain’t got the time for that.

I have to go pick up the munchkin and figure out what movie(s) we’re going to see today.

OK have a great weekend BYE!

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe there are only three days left O.O

    Haha, succes with picking those movies with them!
    If they didn’t go see ‘frozen’ yet, I, along with my friends –
    yes we’re suckers for (good) animation movies – can advise it 😉

      1. Hahaha, it is isn’t it! I think it’s one of the best Disney films in the last couple of years. My friends and I all liked it 😀

  2. Sounds like a real fun weekend ahead, I’ve had quite a few strangers help me this year now I think of it and I’m very grateful xox

    p.s. your picture at the beginning made me laugh lots, thanks 😛

  3. Do tell those people! I’ve been doing this for a few years now and only one person didn’t know how to respond. I believe that we’re so used to expressing negative feelings and opinions that we forget to give compliments. We say nice things when someone got a haircut or a new shirt but when it comes to the really important things -like making a real change in someone’s life- we suddenly get embarrassed and keep it to ourselves. But aren’t those the best things someone can tell you? Imagine how good it would make you feel when someone told you you changed their life without even trying! Tell them. It’s awesome!

    1. I knoooow, I knooooow – You make excellent points, Elaine. I was just not in a very sharing-and-caring mood yesterday. My readers should listen to you instead of me!

  4. Ik ben ieder jaar weer verbaasd als ik terug kijk en zie hoeveel mensen ik heb leren kennen dat jaar. En ook welke contacten weer verwateren/verwaterd zijn (hoort er helaas bij, geloof ik, maar daar zullen dan wel redenen voor zijn waarom dat zo loopt). Goed om bij stil te staan en na te denken wat dat allemaal met je gedaan heeft!

    (Jij bent er ook eentje van trouwens, dus: Thank you! Dankzij je blog ben ik over heel veel gaan nadenken, op een goede manier. En ben ik bewuster geworden over hoe ik eigenlijk in elkaar zit. Heel waardevol. THANKS.<3)

  5. Ik wil jou graag bedanken (en een aantal anderen natuurlijk). Het mailtje dat je begin 2013 stuurde was een duwtje in de rug om de hulp te gaan zoeken die ik op dat moment nodig had. Ik heb het gehaald met die hulp op dat moment (later kwamen er nog veel meer moeilijke periodes, waarbij die hulp er niet meer was, maar dat is mn eigen schuld). Dus dankjewel!!