23 Days Until 2014: 27/50

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(Another shameless attempt at a boyfriend-photo op and showing you my second favorite lipstick, this time featuring an uninterested Manfriend. This is 19 Gabrielle by Chanel.) 

Yesterday was all about me, today was all about Manfriend.

I decided to devote an entire day to the man*. We slept in (he slept, I read) and had a leisurely breakfast together before opening presents. I got him a bunch of stuff, but nothing even came close to his jubilant response at the toy helicopter. He’s been flying it around like a pro for two days.

After exchanging presents we went downtown to get some clothes. FOR HIM. This is not a favorite activity for either of us (he doesn’t like shopping at all and I am too impatient to find clothes for a guy AND deal with his dislike for shopping simultaneously) but we did extremely well today. After that, I took him to see a movie and the most amazing burgers after.

What inspired me to do this?

“The “stuff” of life isn’t as important as the one you’re doing it with” – Stephanie St Claire, read full article here.

I’m all for being independent, having your own life and making yourself a top-priority too. But if you’re going to be with someone, you  better do it right. Go big or go home. You’re a team. You take care of each other. If you make sure that your relationship is strong, the better you will do in the other “stuff” of life.


If you have a significant other, devote something to them. An hour of your time, a love poem, date night (doing what they like), a gift, a love declaration via text, flowers, whatever you like. Click here for the article I wrote on the five love languages: You can use these for ideas, to think of what they will appreciate.

If you don’t have a significant other, devote something to the person you’re closest to. Whether it’s your roommate, a friend, your parents, do something to strengthen your relationship even further, whether it’s through honesty, spending quality time together or doing something attentive. Be creative.

I gotta go, Manfriend is flying his new toy helicopter over my head again. I think I’ve created a monster.

*That’s a lie as it was also a teeny tiny bit devoted to me about him. For Sinterklaas/Just Random December Gift-Giving he got me my favorite Chanel lipstick, a Paperblank notebook, Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’, a small bottle of Moët champagne and nice new gloves.

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  1. Oké oké. Ik heb het lang genoeg uitgesteld nu. De belofte moet toch maar eens waargemaakt worden. Ik zal ‘m meteen even sms-en zo, dan kan ik er niet meer onderuit.

    En dan moeten we binnenkort maar gaan bowlen.