22 Days Until 2014: 28/50

(I actually don’t encourage Blair Waldorf Manipulative Bitch behavior.But then again: You gotta hand it to the girl, she does make sure things get done. Admirable.) 

We all have people we look up to, people that inspire us. They have a greatness that we recognize and appreciate. We consider them special.

That, dear reader, is not just because we think of them more amazing than we could be, or their accomplishments as impossible for us to compete with through something we want to do. It is mostly because the greatness we recognize in them connects to a (desire for) greatness within ourselves.

These people? They and what they do help us in get in touch with that inner dormant potential, to work on getting out the greatness that is within ourselves.

These can be your role models. That they are “people to look to as an example to imitate their behavior.”

Your role model means you think of them as you do things. Every once in a while you think “What Would Madonna Do?” or “What would Steve Jobs say?” or “How Would Mother Teresa handle this?” You let inner advise from your role models guide you.

Imagine what your fashion guru would advise you to buy. You can let the thought of your favorite runner inspire you to give just a little more in your next work out. Think of what decision your main entrepreneur-inspiration would make in your situation. Then you see if it’s doable for you to do the same.

Or you can simply channel them. Think of them every once in a while and let their success stories and actions guide you as you live your own life.

Surely a touch of these role models can infuse your own behavior with just that little extra enthusiasm, determination or peace that is good for you.

Maybe you have one big role model for your life in general. Maybe you look up to specific people for specific parts of your life.

I personally have a whole bunch of role models running around in my head, all responsible to inspire and motivate me in different areas. Some I’ve looked upto forever, some only recent. Some I look up to for a while, then I realize they’re not actually so great and I realize there are better ones to look up to.

But I do feel: The more, the merrier. You can’t put all your inspirational eggs in one basket.

Some of the role models I think of sometimes?

Kelly Cutrone is one, in terms of way of working and way of life. She views her work as ‘karma yoga’ and that’s how I regard both my regular job and my writing. I do what I do because I enjoy being of service for others and indirectly, a greater good. It keeps me connected to myself and my spirituality.

I like Kelly because she is cutthroat and businesslike, but she is also very spiritual and does good by her people. She calls herself Momma Wolf, because she fights (“eat or be eaten”) and takes care of her own. That’s how I want to be. Strong and unapologetic about my choices, and always protecting her pack.*

Sarea has always been my yoga rolemodel. It’s not just her exquisite postures, although that’s also a part of why I find her so inspirational. I know the chances of me doing a Standing Bow the way she does are very slim (nor will my body ever look like hers) but it’s now about that. It’s how she looks when she practices: Pure, unadulterated bliss and calm. So at easy with the practice and the postures.

I’m going through a weird, difficult time with yoga at the moment. Normally it’s just the not-going that makes me go crazy, but I’m having a really rough time in class as well, which results in more of the not-going. I’m trying to snap out of it. Thinking of her helps.

For writing I think of a few different people. I enjoy Steve Pavlina‘s in-depth explanations, the sense of humor of the Bloggess, the amazing writing of J.K Rowling, Neil Gaiman and Oscar Wilde. I know better than anyone that I’m not nearly as amazing as any of these people, but these writers do inspire me to continue to work on my own stuff.


Today’s assignment is to think of your role models and channel them.

They can be fictitious (Natasha from The Avengers, anyone?!), famous (Jennifer Lawrence for the win) or just people you know in real life (a professor, a friend, a family member.)

Let what they mean to you show in your actions. Take it with you today, or maybe even the entire week or for however long you can. Channel your role models as you do your job, as you interact with other people, as you exercise, dress, eat or do any other activity you need them for.

Let that amazing artist inspire you to write some new songs or practice your instrument for a couple of hours.

Let that brilliant professor motivate you to truly dive into some scientific articles and get to the bottom of a phenomenon.

Work harder, because you know that’s what that hardass entrepreneur you admire would do.

Meditate or relax, because you know that’s what your favorite yoga teacher would tell you to do.

Eat healthier, because you know that’s what that fit-blogger would do.

If you want, tell me your role models in the comments. I’m always very curious who people look up to, to understand you guys better and maybe I can include them in my arsenal. Have a great Monday, guys.

*I have an off-line pack of family and friends, and an online pack. In case you’re wondering who my online pack is: You are. Whether you’ve been reading me for years or just clicked my link for the very first time just now. I don’t care. If you read me, you’re part of my pack. Howl if you’re with me. 

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  1. Ha, I used to do this when I was littl(er) . I used to be more like tv characters I liked.
    Not a Hero, but just their way About things, their attude, the style they dressed.

    Don’t do that anymore now

  2. Oh wat een fijne timing dit! 🙂 Een van mijn grootste voorbeelden is een man die ik heb ontmoet in Malawi, die heel positief in het leven staat en heel veel doet voor de anderen in zijn omgeving terwijl hij heel veel heeft meegemaakt en zichzelf echt heeft moeten opwerken uit armoede. Ik kan het zo snel niet uitleggen maar ik heb er ooit wel over geblogd, http://dwaalsterren.blogspot.nl/2012/08/travel-malawi-what-i-learnt.html en geinstagramd http://instagram.com/p/gdWtTeqF0y/) Het heeft op mij in ieder geval heel veel indruk gemaakt en hij heeft mijn manier van denken veranderd, dus dat is best wel iets groots. Nog steeds is hij mijn favoriete motivational speaker, met Facebookstatussen als dit 🙂 :
    “listen the Authorities think of the poor community guys, orphans and other vulnerable groups who are strangling they a in need of food, school fees, health services while other greedy people are mis using public funds we need the truth on cash gate issue. we want to see improved quality of the poor community not the public officer taking all for themselves we want to see change we are tired with corruption viva Malawi viva Africa”
    Nu zette hij laatst op Facebook dat hij na al die Nederlandse vrijwilligers te hebben ontmoet ook heel graag eens naar Nederland wil komen en daarvoor aan het sparen is en dat iedereen die hem wil helpen een bijdrage kan leveren en dat heb ik nu maar gelijk gedaan. Het is maar €20 dus lang geen vliegticket, maar het is toch tof dat ik nog iets terug kan doen voor iemand die voor mij veel betekend heeft en betekent 🙂

  3. HA, KELLY CUTRONE.<3 Ik vind haar fantastisch. Sterke dame.

    Verder heb ik niet echt één rolmodel. Het zijn vaak stukjes van mensen, eigenschappen, houdingen, views, dingen die ze zeggen of doen, die ik interessant of inspirerend vind. Maar om toch iemand te noemen, is een van de belangrijkste rolmodellen die ik heb, mijn vader.