17 Days Until 2014: 33/50

(If you don’t, don’t worry about it. Leo Babauta doesn’t have any goals either and he’s doing pretty good.)

At the workshop today I was giving a bunch of book recommendations, including Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog and Goals. Brian Tracy is a favorite self help- and time management authority of mine. Eat That Frog is my favorite, I use the to-do list system he introduces in this book all the time. After the workshop today I decided to grab ‘Goals!’ for a while and read up. It inspired this exercise I have for you today. Maybe you already have a goal, or a couple of them. Maybe you’re already working hard to achieve them (yay). But have you ever taken the time to write it all down exactly, which could highly increase the chance of succeeding? And have you really thought everything through as much as you could, which could help you avoid slumps and obstacles or get you to the end result faster? 3350   1. Write down the goal you want to achieve. As exact and detailed as you can.

Finishing a marathon wherever or the exact time you’d like to run it in (within reason) and where? Writing a novel? And if so, about what and how many words? Starting up a business, getting a degree, making X amount of money? Write it down.

2. Analyze your starting point, as in: Where are you starting from right now?

Are you starting from scratch or are you already on your way? Can you already run 5K or maybe 10K? Have you got your novel’s subject and framework? Look at where you’re at now so you can move towards your goal more efficiently.

3. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Similar to this exercise, write down why this is a goal you want to achieve.

4. Set a major deadline. Within months, a year, a certain age. If you want you can also add sub-deadlines for parts of this goal!

5. Identify the obstacles. Write down ANY AND ALL possible hurdles and obstacles that could stand in the way. Especially the ones you create for yourself.

6. Identify helpers. Write down the people who can help you achieve this goal, the things you can additionally do to help yourself achieve this goal.

7. LIST TIME. This is totally my favorite: Write down all the steps towards achieving the goal or the subgoals and all the different things you will need to do in order to succeed.

8. Visualize. Easy as pie. For now, just close your eyes and really imagine that you’ve already successfully completed this goal. Feel elated and accomplished.

7. Do ONE thing on the list. Right away. The best way to propel yourself into action and really feel like you’re well on your way is do one thing immediately you’ve written down you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

Making exercises like this can really improve your focus and help you think of extra methods to help yourself achieve something. The planning is good for your brain and gets you in the right mode: the one for success.

Ok, I gotta go – there is Saturday night prosecco waiting. Catch ya later, dude! 

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    1. Snap ik! Als je ze klein houdt lukt het vaak wel maar het is makkelijker om iets meer te focusen op een ding tegelijk.

  1. Hey, little question here, if you actively working towards something you want, isn’t that clashing with the whole ‘forget about it and move on’ philosophy?

    Sounds simple to do, but I’m pretty sure it’s difficult completing all those steps

    1. You can actively work for something without being attached to the result, I think that’s the trick! When it comes to attracting stuff, I believe you should trust your instinct in whether or not you need to get active in order to get something!

      If I write an article for instance, I put work into it but afterwards I just sort of let it go and move on to the next article!