14 Days Until 2014: 36/50.


With Manfriend having a day off from work and me working from home, we had the unexpected luxury of spending the morning together. Which means I just stay in bed with him a little longer. I’m always wide awake and browsing Tumblr while Manfriend trains for his Sleep-a-thon. The man is always going for a record.

This morning while on my iPad I was thinking of what I wanted to blog about, and I decided to spent my mandatory* time in bed with a sleeping boyfriend doing something semi-useful: Making a vision board.

You can see my vision board above, but if you want to find out what and why exactly, more after the jump!


I did like ‘a thing’ and gave them numbers.

Please note that these are not like a Top 10 or anything: The day I put writing with coffee over a wheatgrass shot or a pair of shoes above my family is the day I’ve been body-snatched and ya’ll better get ready because THE ALIENS ARE COMING.


1. HEALTH, ENERGY AND MINDFULNESS A healthy diet allows me coffee and desserts, but other than that it’s stacked to the brim with juices, smoothies, salads and -dare I say it- superfoods. I like the 80-20 priciple. Eating for energy and health.

Yoga will play a big part in 2014 too, for energy, health and positive body image. I want to up my meditation. I enjoyed doing it so much for this challenge (1 and 2) that it’s something I want to add to my schedule. I feel so much more connected to myself and the world if I do it – hence the Wifi-picture.

(Oh, and I wouldn’t mind finding that super cute yoga top the girl is wearing. Yoga clothes are just THE BEST.)

2. CHAMPAGNE Champagne represents luxury, celebration, hedonism (big fan) and sharing with the people that you love. Champagne is on my vision board for success this year and making the time and effort to celebrate. Both small victories as well as milestones. Both it being weekend as well as getting great news: Champagne, always.

3. BE IN DIFFERENT PLACES I’m not a traveller. To me, ‘wanderlust’ is just a really pretty word in the English language.

I like to be places, though. Beautiful places, preferably warm ones. With pretty nature or architecture, languages that are lovely to listen to and delicious new food.

But being there? Kind of requires me going there, even with it being a hassle. With all the packing and researching and planning, driving or the boarding planes and all that other shit.

But I want to be a little less homebound this year. Go away for a weekend with Lin or Manfriend, spend some time abroad by myself this year** as well as see Asia with Manfriend. We’ll see if I can make it happen.

4.  BE PLACES WITH MANFRIEND. Of the two of us, Manfriend is the one who loves to travel. He went backpacking for 6 weeks this year and loved it. I very much enjoyed our holidays in Europe together and as said before, I do like being places.

So I want to spend a few weeks with him doing the whole travel-thing. We’re thinking Asia and I’m thinking Bali for a week at least because it’s so pretty.

Just to see if I like it, and if our relationship can handle shitty hostels and terrible taxi drivers.


“Rule your mind or it will rule you” – Buddha. I believe in personal control and responsibility over our thoughts, feelings and actions. Ruling your mind can be done, with practice and patience. I want to pay more attention to ruling my mind in 2014.

“Work hard in silence and let success be your noise” – Frank Ocean. What I see happening on the Internet is a whole bunch of people jumping on band wagons, loudly claiming how busy they are and how hard they’re working, while self-promoting until they’re blue in the face. I think it’s repulsive.

This is why I love Frank Ocean’s quote. I am just going to do my thing. I’ll write when I can, see my readers when I (they) can and labor with love. If something happens from that, great. If not? At least I didn’t bother my intelligent audience and potential readers with bitching, boasting and cheap tricks to get more views.

“Whatever you are, be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln. Doesn’t need further explanation. I just want to be good at whatever I do.

“You don’t need a reason for everything you do in your life. Do it because you want to. Because it’s fun. Do it because it makes you happy.”

From my article ‘the Pressure of Passion’: “Not all men who love soccer become the next Beckham. Not all great cooks become television chefs. Sometimes really fashionable girls don’t become fashion bloggers or models. Instead they just feel fantastic in their lovely outfits and do a great job in another profession. Sometimes great singers don’t become pop stars. Instead they rock out with their friends in karaoke bars and occasionally serenade their lover. That’s okay too.” 

I want to do shit because I enjoy doing it. Not because it is great content for my blog. Not because other people might think I’m ‘cool.’ Not because it could potentially make me famous one day. Things don’t always have to have a purpose. Things don’t always have to be great for your image. Man, fuck my image.

I just want to do what I love to do, with no agenda and no ulterior motives. Whether it’s writing an e-book, going on a yoga-binge, spending a weekend like a hermit with books or watching three seasons of Teen Wolf in a row while wolfing (HA HA) down potato chips.

5. MY STYLE. This is the year I start wearing clothes I am absolutely IN LOVE with, 24/7. Pinky promise.

6. LOUBOUTINS. I love them. They are just so beautiful to me. This year I’m starting my own Louboutin-fund so I can buy them.

7. FAMILY. In 2014, I want to cherish my family as much as I do now. I want to spend lots of quality time with my direct and extended family, take care of the people I love. Be there for them whenever I can.

8. CHRONIC CREATOR. Love that term. In 2014, I want to keep writing and creating stuff. I want to keep creating content that I love and that other people can enjoy if they’re into my sort of writing.

9. “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT. YOU’LL FIGURE IT OUT.” I think this is really true (to a certain extent of course) and I want to really live by that this year. I want to combine my new job with writing for my blog, my yoga with the rest of my life (that also includes non-yogi things like drinking), my need to be alone with my love for being with people. Like the quote says: I believe that when I just live the life I want, I’ll figure out how to do it optimally along the way.

And that’s it, that’s my vision board. Not a lot of clear defined goals, just my general ideas of what I want to do with my year.

3650 Join me!

I made my vision board on my iPad with the help of a Collage-App  and WeHeartIt, but you can also make it on paper with magazines, pen and paper. Go nuts.

If you make one and have your own blog, share it down below if you like, I’d love to check them out. See ya!

*Well not mandatory, but I think Manfriend is really cute when he sleeps (I like ’em quiet and unconscious.) 

** I have my eye set on something in the USA but honestly, I might end up a little lot closer to home. 

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  1. Ik ben nog maar op de helft met lezen maar ik moet gewoon even reageren dat ik ook zo’n vision board wil maken. NU nu nu!! Ik heb er nu al zin in. Ik ga er zo heel enthousiast aan beginnen (want statistiek oefenen kan aaaaaltijd nog). Oké, nu ga ik de andere helft lezen.

  2. Ha, checking for today’s post before wanting to turn of my laptop finally payed off.
    (I really should stop stalking, I think I checked 7 times today ^^; )

    I wanna make one! …well, tommorrow, today I’m gonna lie down on my couch.
    Too tired *yawns for emphasis* Oh, I’ll study the entire post instead of looking
    at (pretty) pictures and just reading the assignment. Hehe…

  3. God thank you! Wat een heerlijke post, de quotes had ik even nodig. Soms geef je ander mensen te veel aandacht die ze niet verdienen en dan zijn er awesome mensen zoals jij die alle aandacht verdienen. Keep doing awesome!

  4. Heel veel hartjes voor deze post. Ik vind je visies ook heel tof en inspirerend. Ik vind je zo’n gaaf mens, mag ik dat zeggen? Haha, de quotes kloppen ook gewoon, soms zou ik willen dat ik ook wat meer gewoon deed wat ik leuk vond en me nergens door tegen hield houden. Helaas bewijst mijn blog het tegenovergestelde, maar ja, de studie is ook belangrijk toch?

    En ooo, nog gefeliciteerd met je baan, het klinkt heel goed in mijn oren en helemaal iets dat bij jou pas. Ik hoop dat 2014 een mooi jaar voor je wordt en dat je inderdaad ook lekker gaat reizen (ook al heb je het niet zo in je, ik durf te wedden dat iedereen gaat zeggen dat je er geen spijt van krijgt. Dat zal ik niet doen, maar ik zou zeggen: thinking outside the box is ook wel eens leuk).

    1. Liefff – dank je! Hoezo bewijst je (leuke!) blog het tegenovergestelde? En je hebt gelijk, zo erg is dat reizen naar plekken toe nou ook weer niet. 😉

  5. Ik vind je blog echt geweldig geschreven en lees je artikels met veel plezier! Leuk idee trouwens, zo’n vision board! Zou je mij kunnen zeggen welke “collage”-app je juist gebruikt heb? 🙂

  6. I update my vision board every year and I love taking things off and thinking of new items to add. Love how you added pics such as champagne which symbolize something instead of the literal image of what you want

    Totally agree with the ‘too busy’ statement because as Brene Brown said it so well it has become a kind of a ‘status’ symbol for successful people and I must say I find it really hard! Haven’t posted since saturday because I’m tired so I’m taking it easy and enjoying some ‘useless’ tv time watching Prison Break 😀

    I do so many fun things I want to write about but watching prison break isn’t one of them so I guess that will be my free time loll

    Check out oprah’s vision board tool, once created one and I really love it! http://www.oprah.com/spirit/O-Dream-Board-Envision-Your-Best-LifeTM

  7. Oooh, this is a nice assignment!

    As for the traveling, I myself spent 5 days in Warschau last year, the first time I went on a holiday by myself. It was amazing, it felt so empowering. But be careful, before you know it you end up in the US for 7 weeks by yourself 😉 it’s sorta addicting.