13 Days Until 2014: 37/50.


This is going to be the shortest article ever, with the least thought or effort I have ever put into something on-line. Get tissues and prepare to cry over the decreased quality of my blog, at least for a little while.

But I have been at work all day, just had dinner and I LITERALLY have only 40 minutes before Manfriend is taking me to tHE HOBBIT I AM SO EXCITED. So this is just a quick little something-something to hold you over until tomorrow (hopefully).

This month I did something I had wanted to do for myself for as long as I have been living in Rotterdam: I got a library card!

Freaking finally. I kept forgetting it putting it off.

I love to read, and the big library in Rotterdam is brilliant. And huge. I got a book by Dawkins, a psychological research book about psychology, spirituality and religion (I am interested to find what they’re saying about it) and a short story collection by Neil Gaiman.

I walked around there like a kid in the candy store and came home all giddy. Manfriend is pleased too. Now at least some of the books around the house eventually go away instead of just lying around everywhere.

This got me thinking. There are all kinds of things I want to do in 2014, kind of like the list I made for the first day of the 50 Days Until 2014 challenge!

3750The same principle apply to the list for 2014: Don’t make it so much you won’t get anything else done in 2014, just make it a list of 6-12 items of activities that would make your year a little more fun/relaxed/whatever.

My list only consists of a couple of things so far:

  • WINE AND CHEESE DATE WITH MY AUNT. My aunt loves a good wine and I have been schooled in great cheeses by Lin. I love hanging out with my aunt and I want to do it somewhere this year with great wine and stinky cheeses.
  • YOGA-AND-MASSAGE ME-TIME. I plan to visit the Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam for a yoga class, a massage and maybe even another date with Leah Kline (one of the yoga teachers there I really liked).
  • TAKE MY MOM AND DAD SOMEWHERE NICE. Haven’t decided where to yet.
  • DO AN ASTHANGA YOGA COURSE. I love the ashtanga series but I know too little about it to really practice it well on my own. I would love to do a primary course at Maya somewhere in 2014.

Alright. This must seem like the most short and boring thing I have ever done on here.

I’m going to awkwardly Carlton-dance away from this post now.


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  1. Wow, that’s going to be some longterm thinking.

    Also, please tell us if the second part of the Hobbit was good.
    I thought the first one was a little boring, since just when it looked the movie was
    starting up (the story) it ended ^^;