10 Ways To Kickstart Your Day Into Awesome.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty happy. Spring is here. Tomorrow is the 1,5 year anniversary with my gorgeous and funny manfriend. And there’s all these lovely prospects: I’m looking forward to a fun weekend, exciting month and basically summer is just around the corner. Loves it, as Paris Hilton would say.

Now, I have had a lot of great days in my life, even the ordinary ones. I noticed that there are certain things that when I do them, the day is just automatically great. It’s basically a list of stepping stones into Awesome Days. You ready?

1. Play a soundtrack while you shower, blow dry your hair and put on your lipstick. Somehow, your favorite songs make you feel like your morning ritual is a kick-ass montage of a good movie.

2. Have flower delivered to your mom. She is basically the reason you get to enjoy Awesome Days. Send her flowers. She will love it. (This works for dads too, but maybe you’d be better off to send him beer or a book or something)

3. Eat a breakfast so loaded with nutrients your body is going into Full Health Attack.

4. Plan a wickedly cool date for you and boyfriend/girlfriend for that night. That way you’ll have something to look forward to all day.

5. Wear something crazy. Whether it’s in secret (glitter underwear!) or a superweird T-shirt, a bowtie, or whatever. Put something on that makes you smile when you look in the mirror.

6. Pay a sincere compliment to someone you vaguely or hardly know. Brightens two days at once!

7. Text your best friend a Top 5 of your favorite memories with them.

8. Compile a list of ways to treat yourself and immediately plan one for the upcoming week.

9. Do something creative. Write a poem, sketch a cartoon or learn Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance. What’s good for the brain is usually good for your mood.

10. Learn a funny sentence in a foreign language and repeat it to yourself (and others) throughout the day. One of my current favorites: ‘J’emmène un homme au septieme ciel” 

Never fails to make me grin. Got any tips for me?

Written by SHH