10 Ways To Healthify Your Day!

1. You’re probably already familiar with the classic Hot-Water-With-Lemon Routine in the morning? Add a little ginger juice to that concoction. Just cut off a tiny square, put it in the garlic press and spill the juice (and pulp if you’re brave) into your cup. It takes some getting used to, but it’s very good for you.

2. Get a juicer. I’m going to repeat this forever and ever, but drinking vegetable juice every day has made me so much more energetic and healthy. Once you get one, you’re hooked.

3. Skip one of your coffee runs. Drink a cup of tea or a glass of water instead. Seriously. That’s how I manage my coffee routine these days without overdoing it. It might seem insignificant, but it subtracts one dose of caffeine a day (which adds up to minus seven doses of caffeine per week, and so on) and that might make the difference between being able to fall asleep or being a jittery insomniac.

4. Make it a fun experiment. I sometimes stand in my kitchen, glance at my superfoods, open the refridgerator, peek at my fruit bowl and think: ‘With all this healthy stuff available, what kind (and how much, lol) of ridiculous juices, salads, smoothies and healthy snacks could I make today?’ I don’t have to, I’m just curious! Try holding onto that attitude; attitudes are everything.

5. Add a garlic clove, fresh pepper, parsley or other herb to your dinner. Kris Carr calls these things ‘Nature’s Shaman’s’ and just a tiny bit a day can be very good for you. I have Spanish peppers, parsley, basil and rosemary in the freezer so I can add a little ‘fresh’ herbs to my dinners.

6. Coconut oil. One of the healthiest fats available. Grill your veggies with it, add it to curries, make raw cacao treats with it, scoop a spoonful through your smoothie.*

7. Take small, teeny tiny steps transitioning! Is there something you would like to eat more or less of during the day? Babysteps. Exchange your milk for soy or almond milk for example. Even if it’s just substituting one cup while you still drink milk for the rest of the day! Go slowly from 100 to 80-20, 60-40, 50-50, etc. Transition towards healthier foods in a comfortable, sustainable matter. Have a small salad and a sandwich for lunch first and eventually transition to a bigger salad with a small piece of bread to eventually a big-ass salad. Have raw spiced nuts instead of the roasted salted variety. Or you know, whatever. Whatever you want to change a lot, start by changing a little in your diet.

8. Have a glass of water. No, seriously. You’d think everyone knows this and does this, but I personally always forget it. I used to be so good with this and now I forget to drink water, all the time and it makes me confuse thirst for hunger way too much. So, have a glass of water whenever you remember to.

9. Eat sprouts. Add them to your salad, sandwich, dinner, sprinkle them on top of your icecream for all I care. See here why you should. My favorite are broccoli sprouts!

10. Have a Healthy&Safety Food Supply with you. If I don’t carry my own banana, raw cacao treat or a sandwich, I’ll eventually get so hungry and short-sighted I’ll devour a donut and a brownie. FOR BREAKFAST. Consequently, I become insufferably sugar-high before ten and crash like an exhausted toddler at 12 PM. That’s just no good. So like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared!

*Oh, and put it in your hair and wash it (three times) the next morning. AMAZING.

Written by SHH