Nov 232014


Yes, hi, sorry. Bit of an (emotional) rush at work this week, and for the last two days I have been mostly off line, sleeping it off and working on my workshop for the I Love Beauty Event on Saturday. I am so nervous I might pull an Adele and get lost 20 minutes before I have to take the stage.


I’ll tell you how you are.

You are awesome. And generous. And enthusiastic, cool fucking people. In two weeks, I have read a couple of cute blogs* about people doing the 50T2015 project (1 by Benthe, 2 by Sandra3 by Shivany and my favorite, the very honest, funny elaborate one by Rosanne) and have gotten some sweet emails about how much they love the ebook and the assignments.

I’m happiest about your enthusiasm, for sure. But the fact that you brought in 350$ for the Girl Effect is pretty amazing too. I had champagne last night to celebrate it**. Thank you guys. I think that is so cool.

I also received some very helpful feedback about the e-book. First of all, people would like an index. Gotcha. I noted that down for next ebooks and next year’s version.

And dates for the assignments were requested. Because people lose count and get confused, and counting back every time you forget where you’re at for a second is a pain in the ass.

You ask. I provide.

From this week on I’ll provide the dates for you at the end of my own 50T2015 Project Reports. Here’s what I did in the first 1,5 week, and here’s what we are going to do next week.

Let’s go.

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Nov 112014



After a long tedious editing session and a pizza order, I am happy and proud to announce that the 50 Day Until 2015 Workbook is up for sale!

Last year, I loved doing the 50 Days Until 2014 series so much that I turned the 2015 version into a pretty ebook for a good cause.


CONTENT This ebook is 120+ pages of updated and reworked stories and exercises to entertain and inspire you to make the most of the last fifty days of the year. Each chapter is focused on one assignment and comes with a pretty picture, a funny quote and if you’re lucky: A personal anecdote that inspired the chapter, or my personal take on the assignment.

PRICE Because I want as many people as possible to enjoy it, it costs only 5.50$ (4 euros), all of which will go to charity.

Payhip takes Paypal, but if you don’t have Paypal you can email me at info[a]; we’ll do it with a normal money transfer!

GOOD CAUSE I donate quite a bit of the proceeds of my ebook sales to charity at the end of each month, and 100% of the 50 Days Until 2015 Workbook is going to projects all over the world that positively impact the lives of young girls.

I donate a lot of my ebook profits to the Girl Effect projects all over the world and I want to do that for this ebook too. These projects are focused on offering girls more chances on education, better health care and a higher likelihood of success, and I’m all for that. Hope you are too.

EXTRA PLEA This is optional in all the ways, but IF you enjoy the ebook (which I hope you will!)? IF you feel that it’s worth more than just the 5$ (which I think it is!)? Would you PLEASE consider donating extra money to the Girl Effect projects for me?

You can donate directly to the Girl Effect fund that distributes the money evenly, or to projects of your choice, but you can also donate to me (button to the right) and write ‘Girl Effect’ on the note of the donation so I’ll know what it’s for, and I will add it up to the pile to donate at the end of the month.

I’m kind of hoping I can make some sort of whopping donation that buys a girl school supplies (OR ACTUAL SCHOOL) for an entire year.

50 D vision

As usual you can click here to buy it, or the button below. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and enjoy the ebook!!

EDIT: I recommend downloading it via computer! I made the PDF as small as possible but it is 47 MB to download!

Buy the 50T2015 Workbook Here!

Nov 102014


Last year, for the final 50 days of the year, I blogged every single day about the self-imposed challenge I was doing. In the last 50 days of 2014, I gave myself an assignment every day. Sometimes I had to do something, something I had to make an exercise, sometimes I forced myself to sit still: in silent meditation or just to relax for a while.

I can honestly say that those last 50 days of the year 2013 were the most positive and rewarding days of the entire year.

And I believe all the things I did then positively contributed to 2014, a year that has been A LOT better for me than 2013.

I knew I wanted to do it again this year. I liked the things I did so much last year I’m sticking to those assignments (for the most part anyway, I added some new ones), but I wanted to make an upgraded version for those of you want to join me.

I’m going to be linking back to old articles on my Twitter and Tumblr, but I’m also offering a 50 Days Until 2015 E-Book, where I have edited some stuff, updated a lot added some new assignments for the days I did nothing last year, such as Christmas.

Plus, and this was the most hilarious endeavour of them all, with glitter and dumbassery with my camera: I added some pictures so it looks all cute and fancy. It looks really, really nice.

You wanna have a sneak peek? I’ll give you one! 3 of the 50 exercises as they are in the book, for free, available for download here.

The ebook is going to be 5.50USD*, with ALL proceeds going to the Girl Effect projects.

Payhip uses Paypal, but if you don’t have Paypal you can email me and we’ll do it with a normal money transfer**.

I’m psyched. I’m super proud of the ebook AND excited to do all the assignments again. 50 Days to 2015, here we come.

The Ebook will be available Wednesday, that’s when we kick off the 50DaysTo2015! Stay tuned!

*Payhip, the method I use to sell my ebooks, gets a percentage of the purchase. By adding the .50$ I make sure the full 5 dollars can go to charity. 

**If you email me today we’ll be able to set you up with the book on Wednesday! 

Nov 072014



Summer may be my favorite season (OF ALL TIME), but I can appreciate all different seasons for their beauty and characteristics. Except when it’s cold, then I hate everything.

And my second favorite season is autumn. I like the leafs, the new beginning in September, sunny autumn days. The food is definitely another big reason for me to like autumn.

I like to make the most of each season, and here’s how I like to do that, with a list of things to do this fall. Activities and things to do in autumn, for your entertainment and inspiration.

(Fun fact about this article: I actually wrote this in July, with my butt on a pearly white beach in Thailand after reading this article by Mariet. And then I forgot about it until I read this article by Lisanne. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder, ladies.)

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Nov 022014


My boyfriend and his brother’s favorite past time while in Rome: Leaving me in the middle of a street and seeing how far along the wheelchair would continue to go straight in one line. (Answer: Not very long)

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a quick article about my week in Italy: I actually wrote little travel reports on my Tumblr for most of my vacation, so I will be linking you through to those and add where necessary.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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Oct 292014

Be Your Own Hero Official

When I did the Be Your Own Hero e-course in June, I knew I wanted to turn it into an e-book. Finally, after tons of editing, adding new material and the extremely helpful discovery of iBooks Author, I present to you….the Be Your Own Hero ebook. 

This ebook is 38 pages of new and exclusive content, all written around the theme of Being Your Own Hero: With inspiring (hopefully) chapters, fun and insightful exercises, dipped into the Self Help Hipster type o’ writing.

Don’t just take my word for it, a testimonial from a reader who did the course was:

“With Be Your Own Hero Lianne challenges you to whip your own butt into shape, whatever that may mean for you.

I love her outtake on taking control of your own behavior and getting to notice your subconscious patterns so you can eventually break through them.

It is high quality content, written with a very personal and oftentimes hilarious note. I recommend this to anyone with a pulse, it is full of Universal truths and you can customize the course to your own needs. Also, if you find this important, it is a LOT of material for a VERY reasonable price. “

I’m selling the book for 15$, which converts to 12 euros. 50% of that money is going to charity: As you might know fromthe blog about this ebook, I donate to the Girl Effect projects with that money.

That means that when you purchase my ebook, you donate 7.50 USD or 6 euros to a good cause. (Not that I don’t think I’m a good cause too, but you know what I mean )

Buy the eBook

I ALSO know that a lot of my readers prefer the material that comes with a little more personal contact.* So I wanted to have this material come with an opportunity for that as well. If you want, you can buy this book + a 30 minute Skype Session**, in which I can maybe help you with some things you’re struggling with. Before we set up the date, I’ll send you an email with some questions and we can discuss those in the Skype session. This combination of book + coaching session is 40$. Half of the proceeds of this combo-deal will go to charity as well. So you’re basically donating a large sum to a good cause, and a not-so-large sum to buy a book and talk to a blogger. Good for you.

Buy the eBook & Skype Session!

I’m super excited about this e-book because it’s such exclusive content, I wrote a really good Girl-Meets-Yoga-esque new chapter AND it looks TONS prettier than most of my previous ebooks thanks to iBooks Author.

Don’t hesitate, buy my new ebook and let me know what you think!

*They think I’m nice and helpful. Who knows where they got that idea. 

**If you live around Rotterdam I’m not opposed to a 30 minute coffee date either, provided a) you’re not a psychopath and b) you’re buying. 

Oct 262014


When my mother-in-law instigated the holiday to celebrate her birthday, we had a family pow-wow. Italy was set as our general destination, with Rome, Pompeii and Sicily as options to go to. For Sicily, we ended up going to Palermo first, and Catania next.

For our stay in Catania I approached my friends at Snap Traveller*. They hooked me up with two nights at this brilliant 4-star hotel on the coast of Catania.

Take a look.

*In a nutshell? A blogger or “online influencer” goes “Hey, can I go to this hotel on your list?” and then Snap Traveller sees if the hotel has a room available. And then you write about it and tell your readers and followers you were there. 

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