Jul 162014



Illustration by the magnificent Mary Josie. 

Even though I am trying out some new forms of exercise and have consciously taken a break from my intense (desire to) practice, Bikram Yoga is still home. I think to some extent it always will be, I will always come back to it. There’s nothing like it to me. Here’s why Bikram Yoga works for me, and why after all this time it’s still my number one.

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Jul 102014


Soooooo, I run. A little.

Well, I say ‘run’, but let’s not overstate things. It’s more like a jog. A sad jog.

That I only do it a little is true, though. I only lap a leisurely 3,5K every once a few weeks, I have no idea about how much time one k takes me, the Nike+ app mostly just pisses me off (SHE WON’T SHUT UP) and I am consistently last in ANYTHING that happens with challenges.

And then there’s Lin. Double marathon runner junkie. Runs all the miles, does all the races, and has trained very consistently for over three years now. I’m very proud of her.

And when we run together (every once in a million years) she is a great coach. She brings that same love for running and fitness into her Run&Juice Club. That’s why I personally signed up for DailyLin’s Run & Juice club, and I found she does even better in groups.

I’ve been twice now (first time for real, second time to make some pictures so people won’t think she’s making it up) and I can tell you it’s perfect for everyone: The runner junkes as well as the recreational or occasional users.

Here’s why.

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Jul 072014


I have been doing The Bootcamp Club 8 Weeks To Yoga Fit program every week since May 31st — except for Awakenings.

(I’ve abbreviated it in my mind to Bootcamp Club Yoga because holy Triangle, the entire name is a mouth full.)

The Saturday morning routine is nice. I wake up, drink water and change into my yoga clothes. I have a banana and take the car or bike to Kralingse Plas.

Five weeks in, I am getting kinda hooked. Read on if you want to know why.

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Jul 042014

DSC_0811 1

Yes, hi, I’m here, sorry.

In my defense, I was doing grown up stuff like meeting deadlines, doing interviews and camping while dancing my face off at Awakefest last weekend. (The last part is especially grown up, considering all the popsicles I ate and how much I ran around chasing friends.)

Take a look at my June after the click.

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Jun 272014

nikon 11 april 463

Simplify your (attempt at) vegan living with these seven favorite vegan essentials: The ingredients you need that make your (partially) plant-based diet easier and more delicious.

Click ‘read more’ to read my great advertising for a bunch of products I like to use in my day-to-day diet.

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Jun 202014

pomodoro technique book review

I have always been fascinated half assed user of the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro technique is basically just setting a timer, working until the timer goes off, having a tiny break and continuing.


Turns out there is an entire freaking website, countless articles and…A BOOK. I decided to read the book. Here is the Self Help Hipster’s Pomodoro Technique book review.

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