Nov 232015

New Podcast episode! You can listen to all the podcasts and subscribe right here, show notes below!


BOOK REVIEW – We talk about Eat That Frog (you can buy it here*), and we’ll be reviewing You’re A Badass next episode (available here*, and a steal!)

CHIT CHAT Andrew’s beautiful new website, including his article on self driving cars (with GORGEOUS illustrations, you guys)


Lianne: The IT crowd. Geeks and a tech-noob as manager.

Andrew: Rick & Morty’s “I’m here if you need to talk”

Until next time!

Nov 112015

So. You’ve won the breakup, you have won at dating, and your date is really cute and into you. Now you want to make out with his face and maybe climb him like a tree.

Or make out with her face and climb her like a girl-tree. Whatever way you’re swinging.

I’m here to help you do that successfully.

With Christine LeDuc as my partner-in-crime (thanks for the robe, handcuffs, and some other unmentionables that will be mentioned later), I bring you: How to Win At Sex.

ALERT ALERT Parents, cousins, uncles, distant relatives, family in law: Today, you do not click the Read More-button. We can find plenty of other ways to make Sunday brunches and family reunions really awkward. 

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Nov 092015

Tumblr is my favorite resource for studyspo: It’s always cute infographsfunny truths and handy tips galore down there.

Last week I learnt about the FocusTimer app, which is a timer that requires you to put your phone facedown or else it does not start. I liked the idea of putting your phone facedown, eliminating distractions and time logging, so I decided to give it a try.

For those interested: I learnt about the FocusTimer through the We Get Shit Done tumblr. Good one to follow if you’re into studyspo.

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Oct 182015

The Exercise Every Day Challenge has been great great for my yoga practice in two different ways.

One, I did a lot of yoga classes in August and September. Consistently. Which is good. Second, I do a lot of little yoga sequences at home, which makes me do different postures. Which is good.

It’s also made me think a little further on what I want from yoga. But for that to work, I need to tell you about Afton.

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