Feb 012016

(Picture that is notmotivational but still relevant by Aline)

BFF Lin is training for her fourth marathon, and writes about this weekly on her blog. I faithfully read these (I like reading blogs about running and oh I’m obsessed with her). In the last one I found a little quote that nudged itself into my way of thinking and hasn’t left since.

I figured I’d share.

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Jan 112016


While I was in New York, I made the decision to work out every day (except arrival and departure day) while strolling through the city and eating everything from duck bacon to the best vegan food ever that I stil haven’t gotten over.

Why? Because I felt like it.

Oh, and I had a friend to work out with and a Fitspo Goddess to Stalk.

A week in New York, a week of work-outs.

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Jan 012016

(pic by Mariet

Yooooo, I sat on a plane for 7,5 hours and after watching Trainwreck*, Inside Out** and Pitch Perfect 2***, I needed something to do that didn’t require a screen so I wrote a thing about the past year.

If you’re not fully saturated by everyone blabbering on about their year, click for more below!

*I despise Amy’s character in the movie (because she is mean to nice people but a pushover in all other areas), but Bill Hader’s character is so cute and this argument had me in stitches in the plane. 

**Extremely heartwarming movie with a beautiful message that sadness is a beautiful and useful emotion just like happiness. 

***All I can think about when I see Hailee Steinfeld is masturbating. 

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