Feb 122016

Asking someone out can be a daunting task. I’m here to help.

Because we all know there is nobody more equipped to give advice on how to deal with the opposite sex*. I mean, look at me. I’m a beacon of grace and beauty.


How to Win The Break-up, How to Win At Dating and How to Win at Sex are some of my personal all-time favorite things** I’ve ever written.

But how to get to ALL of that stands and falls with how good you are at asking someone out.

We shouldn’t always be sitting around waiting and wishing for the boy or girl to ask US, sometimes we gotta grab life (not them, be nice) by the balls and ask for what we want.

Here’s how to do that in a relatively safe and easy way!

*Or the same sex. Date who and whatever you want. (This article I’m using the He-She one because it’s still most common. For now…) 

**Other items on this list include my e-book Habits, about 200 words of my upcoming book (lol) and a grocery list that only featured the different Tony’s Chocolonely flavours. 

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Feb 102016

For GirlsLove2Run I wrote monthly blogs about training for a half marathon. On the 20th of June 2015, I ran a half marathon. Yes, I will rehash that forever and ever, or at least until the next one.

That half marathon race report concluded my contributions to GirlsLove2Run for 2015 (for the time being: I’m fairly sure Francien will let me come back), but I wasn’t finished running.

For now, I am.

More on that below.

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Feb 012016

(Picture that is notmotivational but still relevant by Aline)

BFF Lin is training for her fourth marathon, and writes about this weekly on her blog. I faithfully read these (I like reading blogs about running and oh I’m obsessed with her). In the last one I found a little quote that nudged itself into my way of thinking and hasn’t left since.

I figured I’d share.

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