Oct 042015

Yes! Where all the Fitbit bracelets, Apple Watches and heart rate monitors focus on health & fitness, the Pip focuses solely on a very important aspect of our life we need to manage just as much…Stress.

Galvanic sent me a package with my very own Pip. And I got to unpack, marvel and test it out.

Fascinating little bugger.

Check it out.

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Sep 182015

I get so pissed off when people say women aren’t funny.

First of all and OBVIOUSLY the most crucial and important part of this rant, I am extremely funny.

Second, you’re sexist. Third and finally, that you don’t like a particular style of jokes has nothing to do with someone’s X or Y chromosome, but with your taste. And with the fact that you’ve been brainwashed by society that women can’t be funny because of their delicate lady brains. Anyway.

I read Yes Please by Amy Poehler and reviewd the book for you. Spoiler alert: If someone asks you if you want the book? The answer should be ‘yes please’.


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Sep 112015

Sit down, stay still and think of nothing.


This is asking the impossible. I can’t meditate worth a damn.

I get distracted within the first three minutes of my 5-minute guided meditation. I can’t sit still. I want to do things. But I also want to meditate! Because I happen to like inner peace, being self aware and feeling calm and centered.

Meditation is something that we know is beneficial, something we know we maybe should get into for the sake of our inner peace and mental health, but GOOD GOD SO BORING.

I get you and I gotchu, boo. I have some things I do to sort of meditate but in a slightly easier way.

This article is for all my fellow scatterbrained Deedees who do want to meditate but just need a little extra help: Here’s how to meditate when you can’t meditate.

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Sep 072015

Upward Dog. Check in within now and three months to see a prettier curve to that backbend though. This has looked better.

Hi! This article was supposed to happen somewhere over the weekend but first I couldn’t access my website because of security issues* and then I spent my weekend doing other things.

However! In our podcast, in our monthly 30-Day Challenge bit, Andrew and I do, I shared my 30-day challenge this month, which is to exercise every single day.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Update and stuff after the jump.

*I need someone who can help me figure this shit out. If you know website security and antihacking-shit, holla at ya girl. I lost 75% of my regular Google traffic for a month and my cool for an afternoon because of this bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Aug 312015

(Pics by Aline Bouma

Unless you’re a very experienced Zen buddhist monk on a secluded island, BALLS DEEP in transcendental meditation, you’re going to experience stress. Such is life. Hopefully it’s just a little, and in short bursts.

Because a little is okay, a lot isn’t. Prolonged exposure to stress is unhealthy. Plus, the high strung crazy stressed out person is not fun at office parties.

I have been approached by (initially a) Kickstarter Project The Pip: The biofeedback device that measures your stress responses and helps you regulate your stress levels.

Based on the data (acquired though electrodermal activity), you can learn a lot about your stress levels:  I’m very excited to start trying it (figuring out the stats is going to be a bit of a brain buster) but it’s still making its way to me as we speak. Additionally to the Stress Stat app, there’s also two apps that help you regulate your stress levels.

I LOVE biofeedback stuff. I’m super excited to review this product.

Until I can add the Pip and its magic to my bag of stress reducing tricks (still on its way to me), I’m sharing some of my tried and true stress-battling techniques to show you how to deal with stress.

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