Mar 302015


 (Taking my Internet addiction to the next level. Namaste.)

I do not have the standard super-inspiring exercise routine.

Every once in a while I tried to fit that into my life, I really did. But nope. Not the type, not my style.

That’s 40% because of forces beyond my control (my job, my body, only 24 hours in one day that I want to fill with a million things) and 50% my Can’t-Be-Assed-itude.

The other 10% is undetermined, possibly cookie dough.

So, this is how I work out throughout my average week: How to work out Self Help Hipster Style!

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Mar 292015


This is going to be one of the most useless articles on my blog, because it’s neither very funny nor inspirational. It’s about me making a new semi-studyspo type workspace in my new house.

Normally I’d save this type of crap for personal blog posts like month in reviews or gratitude lists but it is such a great source of joy and productivity it deserves its own article. Half the reason you’re seeing semi regular updates here again IS because of this.

Hence the separate article.

Take a look.

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Mar 222015


If someone were to ask my what my greatest accomplishment was I do not say ‘finishing my Master’s Degree’, ‘doing five Bikram Yoga classes in one day’ or ‘eating 5 rounds of All-You-Can-Eat Sushi’.

No, no.

I answer that I once made up a hashtag based on my personal failings as a grown up.

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Mar 202015

Fun fact: There are two Bikram yoga studios in Vienna that have a S in their location name. Which is how I ended up going to the wrong one, causing the girl behind the counter to panic and me being slightly peeved the studio owner had forgotten about me.

When I checked my email later, turns out it was pretty much all my fault. Felt like an idiot. So I feel they deserve the review anyway.

So. I went to Bikram Yoga Wien Schottenring. By accident, sure, but I went there and wrote about it.

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Mar 102015


 (Pic by Mariet!)

Holy shitballs, we’re already two months into 2015.

Next thing you know I’ll be drunk-sobbing in my champagne over my failed relationship during Christmas break. Oh no wait – that was last year. I’ll find something else to ugly-cry over by that time.

Point is. Time fucking flies and I did a bunch of stuff in January and February.

So far 2015 has been tons of work, crazy active socially (especially for someone with my hermit tendencies) and then I got the flu. That I ignored so I could go out with my friends. So I got The Flu 2: Bigger, Badder and with Pneumonia.

WELP – I guess that’s all you need to know about my previous two months.

(But fine. If you want to see more, if you click ‘read more’ there are pictures. With some text. Okay, a lot of text. You know my deal.)

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Feb 212015


When planning my citytrip to Vienna, first thing I did was Google Bikram yoga studios. Whenever I’m visiting a new place I like to check out the local Bikram Yoga studio. To get my exercise in, to get more zen while city tripping, and have a more efficient metabolism for all the food and coffee I’m most likely consuming the rest of the day.

I emailed two studios in Vienna that I liked, to see if they would let a blogger in for free in exchange for a review. First up, Bikram Yoga Loft!

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