Apr 182015

Today, I turned 27 years old.

If you’re my Facebook friend but we haven’t interacted in 3+ years? Don’t bother congratulating me, because I genuinely don’t care. If you’re with me on the Twitterz, do, because I love Twitter and the people on it. If you’re my reader, congratulate me in the comments  if you want. If you don’t want to, no worries: I love you regardless.

Right now, I’m in Rome: away from wifi, close to pasta and prosecco. I’m spending here the weekend with my parents and I couldn’t be happier about that. I love Rome, my parents are two of my absolute favorite people on the planet and hello, Italian food.

But I couldn’t resist writing to you for my birthday. People who I mostly have never seen in my life (or only said hi to, or high-fived once) but people who do make a much bigger impact on me than they might realise.

There will always be a barrier between us, because we don’t really know-know each other, you know? We’re friendly, and in a way we are (Internet) friends. But I don’t know a lot (if anything) about you, and you know only the online version of me — admittedly, real life version is very similar to that but with more actual emotional states than sarcasm and CAPS LOCK RAGE.

And I’ve always appreciated and loved you for reading along and being supportive. What I love about you is that you’re so accepting of me. When I dropped the bomb on you about my break up, not only was I hit by a wave of support, not once did I feel like my privacy was invaded by any of your comments. And when I slipped in that I was already dating someone, you accepted that too. That is rare on the Internet, I realiae that. And I feel very fortunate that my people are those kind of people.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of that, with a little gift.

If you use the discount code “happybirthday” you can download either Be Your Own Hero, 50DaysTil2015 (or both) for free in my Payhip ebook store.

Namaste babies,


Apr 122015

I love love love the YouTube community.

It is one of my favorite new media platforms. I don’t watch any Dutch ones but I really love the community of the American YouTubers. They’re versatile, funny and they really entertain. They put a lot of effort into their videos and I love watching some of them.

There are a couple that have a very special place in my fangirl heart, and I want to share them with you today. Are you in need of some new people to watch and swoon over? Here ya go. The best YouTubers to watch, according to me, just for you.

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Apr 102015

DSC_0009 1

Some of my creative planning is done pretty much because I enjoy it. And okay fine: Because I finished all my favorite TV shows and I have browsed ALL of the Internet. Twice.

I don’t need to make vision boards, or write elaborate plans or do goal setting exercises. I just like doing it.

But to do listing?

That shit is pure necessity for me.

It’s how my scatterbrain survives crazy times. And crazy times are to be had in this day and age.

I found a great to do list pad. Go see.

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Apr 082015

(All pictures in this blog post are brought to you by the magic of Mariet Mons, unless the pictures are remarkably less beautiful, in which case they are mine. Trust me, you’ll be able to tell the difference) 

When I was invited to test drive the Citroên C4 Cactus, I was like “YES.”

When I actually saw a picture of the car, I did a slight head tilt, went ‘huh’ and still said “YES.”

So driving a Citroên C4 Cactus around? Bring it on.

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Apr 032015


So. You’re single. You’ve won the break-up. Now what?

Well, my darlings…

Now we date.

Confession? I like dating. If it’s fun, I have a good night. If it’s terrible, I have a good story.

I’m pretty good at dating, so I’d figure I’d share how I try to do it. Without further ado, How To Win At Dating, with more very staged pictures of me after the jump. (I mean, I have lipstick on and everything)

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Mar 302015


 (Taking my Internet addiction to the next level. Namaste.)

I do not have the standard super-inspiring exercise routine.

Every once in a while I tried to fit that into my life, I really did. But nope. Not the type, not my style.

That’s 40% because of forces beyond my control (my job, my body, only 24 hours in one day that I want to fill with a million things) and 50% my Can’t-Be-Assed-itude.

The other 10% is undetermined, possibly cookie dough.

So, this is how I work out throughout my average week: How to work out Self Help Hipster Style!

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Mar 292015


This is going to be one of the most useless articles on my blog, because it’s neither very funny nor inspirational. It’s about me making a new semi-studyspo type workspace in my new house.

Normally I’d save this type of crap for personal blog posts like month in reviews or gratitude lists but it is such a great source of joy and productivity it deserves its own article. Half the reason you’re seeing semi regular updates here again IS because of this.

Hence the separate article.

Take a look.

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