Apr 152014



The meal pictured above is 100% vegan: Can you believe it? This spectacular thing is the Dutch Weed Burger (with fries and vegan mayonaise) and I am now obsessed with it.

I had it at Arq, a cute vegatarian/vegan lunch space in Rotterdam. I’d write a haht spaht blog about it for you but my MacBook is dead (and therefore so am I) so I don’t have any pictures.

Anyway. Apart from a lunch, a dinner out, a dinner at my parents and a McDonalds incident I’ve been eating vegan for two weeks now. Let’s do the whole Vegan Challenge Update thing, shall we?

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Apr 102014

nikon 005

Oh, FoodWeLove. You have been a wonderful addition to the packages my neigbhors are bothered with babysitting in my absence.

In January, I ordered Culy’s Food We Love box. I’m dead serious when I say the salted caramel and truffle mayonnaise is delicious on a whole new damn level.

Also, big fan of De Groene Meisjes. Their positive and open-minded approach does more good for the vegan movement than the hundreds of socks-in-sandals extremists.

It were Merel and Jamie who inspired me to do the vegan challenge to begin with. Merel is a total sweetheart and took me to lunch to Arq last Friday, showing me the world of vegan comfort food.

And let me tell you, having a Vegan On Speed Dial* has proven to be super helpful.

And now, having a Groene Meisjes Vegan Food We Love Box to help me? Even better this month.

I’m unbahxing the FoodWeLove Box De Groene Meisjes Edition after the jump. So don’t click if you don’t want to know what it’s in it.

I have received this FoodWeLove Box for the purpose of writing about on this website. And eating everything in it while standing in the kitchen thinking about my life choices, obviously. If this is a problem for you, best of luck with your life. 

*I mean Whatsapp. If I call you I can tell you right now it’s not me and send help. 

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Apr 032014


Out of all the things happening this month, I’m happiest about the fact that I have experienced ACTUAL SUNLIGHT.

But there is more. I did a lot of regular stuff, and some fun stuff. Check it out below.





(This is me flirting with you. It’s never as attractive as I intend it to be, which is something that can be said about my flirting, my baking and probably later in life, my children.) 

BFF DATE As an extremely belated birthday gift (what can I say, I’m inadequate), I took Lin to the Conservatorium Hotel for a champagne-and-steak-tartare lunch. I can always do champagne, but doing it in this beautiful hotel (with amazing lighting) made it extra spectacular. Afterwards we went swimming and talked for hours in the hot tub.

CELEBRITY SIGHTING When we came out of the spa, we walked past Drake and then Rihanna. I may have blurted out ‘holy shit’ before saying ‘hi’ to Drake, who (rightfully) looked at me like I was weird before giving us an awkward smile. Rihanna has amazing skin.

I shared it on Twitter and next thing I knew fans were demanding specifics on their location (NOPE) and a damn gossip journalist approached me to give her information about “my Drake/Rihanna sighting” (DOUBLE NOPE.)



WEEKENDS WITH BOYFRIEND What can I say? He is kind of adorable. (Kidding, I’m just using him for his wardrobe at this point.)


HIGH TEA WITH MY COUSIN Took her out for a high tea as an early birthday gift. Unfortunately I can’t be there on her actual birthday but like a tragic rich dad who’s never there I tried to buy her off with mini cupcakes and finger sandwiches. I think it worked.

(Brace yourself Iris because I am coming for your Granny Blogger title) 

GPOY What I do many a night: Have a cup of tea, grab my iPad and read books or browse Tumblr. This month I read Sharp Objects and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (and a fuckton of fanfiction, but that doesnt count) and have started on The Maze Runner. I want to like it, but I don’t think that I do.


Mariet came over and took pictures of me that made me go “WHAT”, “that can’t really be my face” and “What is IN your CAMERA?!” 10/10, would recommend, for all the reasons. You can see a bunch of the brilliant photographs she took of me on my Instagram (as well as the unattractive ones I have taken of myself)

We drank champagne, talked so much my voice cracked by the end of the day and she stayed for dinner. Also, I got her hooked on Teen Wolf. #SUCCES


THAMAR TRIBUTE After a chat on Instagram Thamar and I decided to go have cheesecake together.  Thamar is fucking fun. Rough on the edges, and totally cool. I dig it. And she knows her food. I made her Mac and Cheese recipe the next day. It was filthy good.



  • March can also go down in history as the month of the Banana Bread with caramel.
  • In the first week of March I fell face first in a crowded subway train. The next three weeks my leg looked like a modern painting and I had a little bit of a House M.D. limp going on.
  • I had the most embarrassing medical exam* with the cutest fucking doctor in the entire hospital. While my mom was there. Not okay.
  • Work was slow during the first two weeks. Then it picked up to such a pace that I have permanent rollercoaster hair and don’t remember my last name.
  • Last Friday, Manfriend went snowboarding for a week. During the weekend I only saw one friend and spent the rest of the weekend completely alone. It was AWESOME.

And now it’s already April! During the week it’s work work work, but in the upcoming weekends I have a workshop, a LARP event (so excited to try it), my birthday, Easter. Good stuff. Let’s get to it.

*Nothing serious and turns out I’m fine (no news there right HAHA) 

Mar 302014


DISCLAIMER This is a promotion blog post featuring my new favorite Etsy shop. After my first order, one that I placed myself, I love the shirts I received. I asked the owner if she wanted to be promoted on my blog. She did, and that’s how I received two shirts free of charge. 

Can we move on to the fun part now? Because I found a fucking cool Etsy store and want to share it with you. Sheesh.

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Mar 242014

If a Jedi Minion doesn’t cheer you up this Monday morning I don’t know what will. I can’t help it that you haven’t seen Despicable Me (2) or Star Wars or that you’re dead on the inside. 

Sometime it helps to change the way you think about something.

Get out of your usual way of thinking. Change up how you usually approach doing better or being better.

When I have trouble changing what I do, I try to change how I think about it. That makes things easier.

What makes it funnier is if I call them Jedi Mind Tricks. I’d slap on some green facepaint, pointy ears and a cloak, but it’s not Casual Friday yet.

Read on for 3 Jedi Mind Tricks To Make Better Choices.

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Mar 212014

scott-alpha1scott-alpha2 scott-alpha3

 (All images used in this article come from this amazing Tumblr borrowed out of her amazing Tumblr tag) 

Lord knows I was always more into werewolves than vampires. I was totally Team Jacob back in the Twilight Days, and I had the hots for Tyler Lockwood more than anyone else on the Vampire Diaries. YES, even over Damon.

And then Teen Wolf came along. Here’s why you should watch Teen Wolf.

Warning: Spoilers and MAJOR fangirling ahead.

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Mar 172014

5960724577_8124ba8874_b(Tony Hisgettflickr)

Happy Monday, guys. I hope you had a lovely weekend and that the upcoming workweek doesn’t fill you with too much dread.

The article of today is actually exactly what it says: Three tricks to get happier. Super simple, written about before by a million people (myself included.) Total no-brainers. But some messages are worth repeating. Some messages need to be out in the world phrased in as many different ways as possible.

Three tricks to get happier after the jump.

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