May 182015


It’s Monday and since last night 22:00, Hell Week is officially over.

I finished strong, with a 18KM run as my final Hell Week workout. It was the perfect epic ending to the week: The longest distance I ever ran, and a 4K increase of my previous long-distance run of 14K a week ago.

I’d describe the long distance run as ‘Doing something moderately fun for 2 hours while your legs slowly go from “okay this is fine” to “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK.”‘

(Great slogan for running, am I right? Nike, I’m available during office hours. Get at me.)

Big thanks to my mom for supporting me from the 8 to 18K, Speedy J podcasts and ACDC’s Thunderstruck.

Want to know what I learnt, if I recommend it and if I have any tips for your very own Hell Week? Click below and find out.

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May 172015

Day 6

I wake up at 05:00, look at my alarm and just turn around. It’s Saturday and I cannot be bothered. My alarm can go fuck itself today. Better luck tomorrow.

Today is one of the days of Hell Week to take for contemplation and relaxation, and thinking about Hell Week and its different themes, tasks and rules. So today is not so much a today diary (although I did go to yoga, eat healthy and was focused) but more of a general contemplation thing.

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May 062015


If you are up for a little hike after you’ve visited the Saint Peter church, you can find the Bikram Yoga Roma yoga studio on the side of an apartment complex on Via del Aurelia. It’s a bit out of your way most likely, but well worth the uphill climb.

Even when there are zero shadows and you’re already sweating through your Nike tanktop before you’ve even entered.

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May 042015


Are you in a funk? Stuck in rut?  Same shit, different day? Newsflash: We don’t have to do things the way we always do them. We can do things differently.

This is a a very easy method I sometimes use to help myself think outside of the box and get unstuck. Here is article by Steve Pavlina that inspired me to do something similar.

Click below for what I do.

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