Oct 152014

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(Pro tip: try a new Tony’s Chocolonely every once a while. Don’t get stuck in a Caramel and Seasalt Rut)

(Or do, because in my opinion it is a new love story every time)

I am not someone who harrumphs about routines, or jokes about shooting myself in the head over habits. I see the merit and value of comfort zones, routines and patterns. They help us function. They free up cognitive space for us to contemplate important things like wether or not we want to have dessert or not (we do).

But I acknowledge that ruts? Aren’t great.

Getting stuck in a rut means doing the same thing over and over again until you’re so bored and numb in body and brain you don’t care about anything anymore. Ruts are terrible for careers, relationships and life in general.

But we fall into them easily. With our 40-hour work weeks, our heavy study loads, home patterns or comfortable lives; before we know it we are so stuck that are butts are rusted to our desks and our eyes don’t focus on anything extraordinary anymore.

And that is something worth avoiding. So below, I present you a few different ways to avoid getting stuck in a rut.

– ACTIVITIES: Merel and I, kindred spirits, talk about this stuff occasionally, and Merel and her friend did something pretty brilliant: Never go home straight after work, do something fun first. Merel commented she was exhausted after doing this for a few weeks, but that she did feel that a lot more ‘life’ had been added to those days.

For me, introvert posing as extraverts, this is too daunting of a task: I like to be home, and I like to be alone. However, you could do a week of this every month. Or pick three nights from the seven to do something fun straight after a day’s work. Or even to do something new alone, at home, by yourself every night, such as reading a new book, watching a different show, going out for a walk or playing a new game.

– FOOD: Cook something new every week. Try not to fall back on the same recipes day in day out. Dedicate a few days a week to trying out new foods and recipes. This way you keep experimenting in the kitchen and encountering new and delicious recipes to add to your expertise!

– PLACES: Go somewhere new every once in a while. I am not telling you to travel the world if you like your hometown and everything in it, but a different restaurant, forest walk, supermarket and shopping route can really change things up.

So it can be small and local, but it has to be said: taking short or long trips abroad here and there works wonders against ruts too. Makes you aware of your patterns and all the different ways you could do things — as well as thankful for the great hygiene back home, probably.

– THEMES: Every once in a while, dedicate a day, week or month to a certain theme in your life. Whether it is mindfulness, your relationship, food, fitness, reading or sleeping, the continuous dedication to an activity or area gives you purpose, and the shifting in focus from time to time helps you to keep things fresh.

I personally like dedicating months to things, because I work well in time periods of month. You might do better with different periods, so experiment.

– CONNECT: Always try to stay in touch with your own spirit. What do you crave? What do you yearn for in your life? I believe you can’t get into a rut when you stay close to your self enough.

And there you have it. A couple of ways to avoid getting stuck in a rut. Now I gotta go, there is a pasta somewhere in Palermo begging me to eat it. BYE!


Oct 132014

Being nice to ourselves is usually not very high on the priority list. Self love is easily pushed to the back burner, and we brush it off like it is something frivolous and non-essential.

It’s true: We could live without it. But we won’t live as happily and healthy as we would with it.

And self love is not narcissism, a sense of entitlement or an unhealthy preoccupation with the self: Self love is just loving yourself, and taking care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with love, and there is nothing wrong with giving that love to yourself too.

And it does not have to be woo woo or all pink and cutesy either. Self love can be super no nonsense with some easy self help that I call the Nice List.

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Oct 082014


(OOTD: custom-made shirt borrowed from fabulous friend – maxi skirt ONLY – and million pound heavy cast available at any hospital near you!) 

Dear angel-face reader.

I’ve made a blog survey for you to fill in.

It’s not about my blog and improving it, all I want to do is get to know YOU better.

If you read my blog, you know quite a bit about me from my personal articles and everything that shines through in my other articles and e-books.

And of course,  I see glimpses of you guys on my social media and in the comments.

But I’d like to get to know you a little bit better, and that’s what these 4 questions are for. It’s just some stuff I am curious about. Give me a glimpse into your life, wonderful, respectful and hilarious readers. Thank you so much!

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Oct 052014


Soooo, I was planning on doing a monthly article on the yoga classes I did that month. Lord knows I can’t do weekly Anythings, but I like monthly articles. It is the only structure on my blog I seem to be able to handle. Most of the time anyway.

I had intended to write a monthly article on the different classes I do, the struggles I still experience in terms of work-life balance as well as resistance, and all the positive effects and experiences I have in my yoga practice.

But alas, this is ending before it even began. Click on to read about my yoga practice in September and how I fucking broke my ankle.

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Oct 012014


I am so happy I started this monthly Shit I Did stuff. It’s so nice to have a visual and elaborate documentation of 2014.

It also serves as a constant reminder that I’m blessed, that the people in my life are wonderful and that I need to stop taking pictures of myself with fucking lattes because I have about three million of those.

How and why was my September a pretty good month? Find out below!

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Sep 292014


When I first found out about Studyspo, I had only one thing to say: Move over, Fitspo.

At least enough so Studyspo can scoot in right next to you. From what I’ve seen smart girls want to be fit and productive, so move that disciplined, toned butt and make room for your baby sister.

FITSPO Because young cool people like to string words together and abbreviate, Fitness + Inspiration turned into the word Fitspo.

Fitspo is basically all images that inspire you to work out. All the words and pictures that motivate you to stick to your exercise regimen and your heathy breakfast routines. They can go from sexy fit girls to quotes about running, but the collective purpose of all this material? To make you happy about getting or being fit, doing your squats and eating your veggies.

Fitspo is a movement to be reckoned. Websites like Fit Girl Code and Girls Love 2 Run are great examples of big collections of fitspo material (in written word and pictures).

But next to the well-known fitspo trend, there is also such a thing as studyspo. 

And…I love it.

I think everyone should know about it.

Click on for a more info, and my recommendations for the best studyspo online.

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Sep 122014


Pheuw. My work schedule is shrinking back to its regular size (most of the time anyway), and that medium-size fit there suddenly seems so much more room for activities! Even fitness activities!

I enjoy exercising, but honestly? When I’m busy, I need to chill more than I need to move. So screw it: If I’m tired and I want to blow off a work out for a night on the couch with my iPad and Oreo cookies, I will. And if I want to do that five nights because I have had a tough week and I’m exhausted, I will do that too. I’m an adult, I can do that, and you can’t do shit about it, son.

But when I can, I also really love dedicating a part of my day, however small, to moving my body. With the purpose to feel better, to relax and enjoy.

Here are a couple of my go-tos around town if I want to exercise: My favorite work out places in Rotterdam.

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Sep 062014

albert heijn superjuice

So, I was bored one day, went grocery shopping and came home with Albert Heijn’s super juices.

I love green juice – I make it myself a few times a week. But it requires some time and effort, and sometimes it’s easier to just grab something on the go: that’s when juices like this can come in handy. So this could potentially be great. Right?

I dedicate this taste test to two of my favorite online people: Femke and Aline. Because they’re hilarious on and offline, nothing could ever top their taste tests (click here for the other one) and I am not worthy.

You can guess from the title that I am not on board. But click on if you want to know why.

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